Below Deck: Rhylee Gerber calls out Captain Lee Rosbach for being part of the ‘boys club’

Below Deck's Rhylee Gerber calls out Captain Lee Rosbach
Rhlyee is not too happy with Captain Lee after her recent time on the Valor. Pic credit: Bravo

Rhylee Gerber is calling out Captain Lee Rosbach. She claims that he is part of the disgusting boys club that has taken over the Valor on the current season of Below Deck.

The deckhand is not known for keeping her opinions to herself. Rhylee has made waves from the second she joined the crew. Not all of the drama is her fault.

Ashton Pienaar expressed his dislike for Rhylee before she even got a chance to meet the rest of the crew. Chef Kevin Dobson, as well as deckhands, Tanner Sterback and Brian de Saint Pern, became Team Ashton without even giving Rhylee a shot.

Now the deckhand is dishing all about the boy’s club on the Bravo show. Rhylee is even revealing how the man in charge is also to blame. She stopped by The Daily Dish podcast to chat about her colleagues.

Rhylee let it be known she does not have a problem with authority. Her issue is with people who speak down to her because of rank. She also expressed how she was alienated by the boys, which she claims Captain Lee allowed to happen.

“With Captain Lee addressing that, I just hope he realizes he’s a part of that boys’ club,” Rhylee said on the podcast. “He’s very much a fan of people over others. That vibe is shared very plainly on board, with favoritism and all that.”

She continued, “He makes a comment a lot that I’m just a third deckhand. Well, I’m also your third deckhand. And just because I’m a third deckhand here, don’t forget my credentials. I have credentials. And I had more credentials than any of these guys last year. You know, it’s just a difference of what vessel I’m working on.”

Captain Lee did admit recently to showing chief stew Kate Chastain favoritism. Based on Rhylee’s comments, though, it sounds like there is more favoritism than viewers saw on the reality TV show. Could it be the captain gave Ashton special treatment despite his drunken, misogynistic behavior this season?

He did call out both Ashton and Tanner for their behavior on social media, following the episode where Kate stormed off the boat. However, Captain Lee scolding them online doesn’t necessarily mean he didn’t show them favoritism during filming.

Rhylee Gerber is setting the record straight regarding what happened during her time on the Valor while filming the current season of the Bravo show. It has certainly been a season full of drama, bad behavior, hook-ups, and there are still a few episodes left.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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