Below Deck Med’s Captain Sandy featured in Jeopardy question – Here’s how it went down

Captain Sandy Yawn is a Jeopardy! question.
Captain Sandy was paid the ultimate compliment recently and she’s sharing it with Below Deck Med fans. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean star Captain Sandy Yawn was featured in a Jeopardy! question, and now fans can learn how it all went down.

There’s no doubt that someone has made it when they end up either the question on Jeopardy! or the answer to a question on the hit game show. It’s literally a privilege that very few people ever receive.

Captain Sandy is now added to that list thanks to a recent episode that highlighted the Bravo show and the role she plays on it.

Here’s how Below Deck Med’s Captain Sandy was featured in Jeopardy! question

For those who don’t watch Jeopardy! the way it works is that constants are given a statement, and they must buzz in with the correct answer. The categories are all over the place too, so those appearing on the game show really need to know their stuff.

On Tuesday, the question was – here’s Captain Sandy welcome aboard her yacht on this series Mediterranean. The answer is, of course, Below Deck.

One Twitter user shared the exciting news that Captain Sandy was part of a Jeopardy! question, which the captain then retweeted.

The comments section was soon populated with congrats for the Bravo personality, and with remarks that it was a question users would get right.

Captain Sandy support tweet
Pic credit: @HelenKimmerer/Twitter and @jmv1481/Twitter

Although Captain Mark Howard launched Below Deck Med, Captain Sandy has been at the helm for the past six seasons. She is rumored to be back for Season 7 too.

As Below Deck Mediterranean fans know, Captain Mark sadly passed away last week. Circumstances surrounding his death have sparked an investigation into how he died.

Captain Sandy was one of several in the Below Deck family who expressed condolences and sadness regarding Captain Mark’s sudden death.

Has Below Deck Mediterranean been question on Jeopardy! before?

It turns out the Jeopardy! question involving Captain Sandy isn’t the first time Below Deck Med has been featured on the hit game show.

A Reddit Thread from 2019 revealed that there was another question involving the hit yachting show on Jeopardy! The question read – The mega yacht Ohana co-starred on Bravo’s Below Deck, Talisman Maiton cruised Italy in Below Deck this sea. Below Deck Mediterrean is of course the answer.

Again, a question that really wasn’t too hard to answer considering the success of the hit franchise.

Below Deck Season 9 just kicked off, Below Deck Med Season 6 just ended, and Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 will set sail in 2002. Plus, Below Deck Adventure and Below Deck Down Under join the hit-yachting franchise next year.

Captain Sandy Yawn helped create a Below Deck Mediterranean question on Jeopardy!. Whether you love her or hate her you have to admit is pretty cool.

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo.