Below Deck Med viewers weigh in on chief stew Natasha Webb

Natasha Webb
Below Deck Med viewers reacted to what they’ve seen from chief stew Natasha Webb. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean viewers have had three episodes to get an impression of the crew.

Reviews of some Season 7 cast members and their behavior are already prominent on social media, namely for chief stew Natasha Webb.

Natasha has shown her work ethic and leadership style during the first few charters and has given fans another bit of drama to judge.

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Below Deck Med viewers learned that Natasha had a fling with chef Dave White on their last boat while Natasha was still in a relationship with her ex. Natasha wanted Dave to keep their relationship a secret, but his feelings proved to be too strong, and he let the news out to the crew and in private interviews.

Natasha was upset with Dave for airing their connection, and Dave acted out during their night out, which turned Natasha off even more. That did not stop the pair from seemingly hooking up in their shared shower the following day.

In any case, the Below Deck Med audience already has a lot to go on when forming an opinion on Natasha as a chief stew and crewmate.

Below Deck Med fans have weighed in on chief stew Natasha Webb

A popular Below Deck fan page on Instagram shared a picture of Natasha and asked, “Are y’all loving Below Deck Med’s Chief Stew Natasha Webb as much as I am?!”

Below Deck viewers gave their opinions, and there seemed to be two strong narratives. One had to do with her beauty and work ethic, while another had to do with her treatment of Dave.

One person remarked, “Natasha is such a beautiful young lady. And I like her management style.”

While another critic wrote, “I think she’s generally a lovely person but for her to put the chef in that position to lie was a bit harsh. If you need to lie about a relationship it’s time to end it.”

Someone else shared, “I wasn’t too keen on how she treated the Chef.”

Yet another person stated, “She seems a little shady with the chef but other than that she’s lovely.”

Instagram comments about Natasha Webb
Pic credit: @belowdeckaboveavereage/Instagram

How will Natasha Webb’s relationship with Dave White progress?

Dave has admitted in private and public that he is smitten with Natasha, while Natasha has complimented Dave in private. However, Natasha has shown her disdain for what is happening between them.

Since Dave and Natasha have to work so closely together as chief stew and chef, there is much room for their personal and professional lives to clash.

With emotions and stress running high, viewers should buckle up for what will come between Natasha and Dave.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo with early access on Peacock.

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