Below Deck Med supersized episode teaser: Is Hannah Ferrier getting fired for having valium on yacht?

Below Deck Mediterranean teaser shows Hannah Ferrier may be fired.
Below Deck Mediterranean will never be the same following the Hannah Ferrier valium drama. Pic credit: Bravo

The Below Deck Mediterranean supersized episode teaser leaves fans asking if Hannah Ferrier is getting fired for having valium on The Wellington.

Life on the hit Bravo show will forever be changed after the upcoming episode. Bravo has created a supersized episode to unveil the fallout of Malia White, reporting Hannah to Captain Sandy Yawn for having unauthorized valium onboard.

What can fans expect from the new episode?

The one hour and 15-minute-long episode will change the course of everything, according to the preview clip. As fans know, last week ended with Captain Sandy confronting Hannah about the valium. The teasers show the captain freaking out that Hannah may overdose from the medication.

There is also a glimpse of Hannah calling Malia a snake, and the bosun citing Maritime law again. Malia continues to use the law to defend her actions against Hannah. Plus, Jessica More is shocked at what is playing out on the yacht.

Captain Sandy reminds Hannah she could have fired her last year. The captain’s words are the ending point for the footage, preparing viewers that nothing is ever going to be the same on the Bravo show.

Does Hannah get fired?

All signs point to Hannah leaving The Wellington in the supersized episode. What is uncertain at this time is whether she goes on her own accord or if she is fired.

Not long after Season 5 first premiered, Hannah spilled the season was her last. However, reports then began to surface that Bravo fired the chief stew.

The season has been a rough one for Hannah. She recently shared The Wellington was a toxic environment she should have left when chef Kiko was fired.

Fans are convinced Captain Sandy, Bugsy Drake, and Malia have conspired to get rid of Hannah so that Bugsy could be chief stew. A photo featuring Aesha Scott and not Hannah with the Season 5 crew has been making the rounds.

It has caused speculation that Hannah is ousted, Bugsy is promoted, and Aesha is brought in as second stew. The picture also showed Malia’s boyfriend Tom and not chef Kiko, sparking rumors of a chef switch up. That rumor proved to be true when Kiko was fired at the same time Tom was conveniently visiting Malia.

The fact that Bravo is promoting a supersized episode focused on the fallout of Hannah Ferrier having valium is another good indication she exits the show. Why have the episode run longer unless there are jaw-dropping moments that can’t fit into a regular show?

Fans have been outraged after watching the last two episodes of Below Deck Med. If Hannah does leave or is fired, the backlash is going to be out of control.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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