Below Deck Med cast dishes about Michelle Damon Spanx fight with charter guest

Below Deck Mediterranean cast and producers spill details on Michelle Damon Spanx fight.
Below Deck Mediterranean cast watched as Michelle Damon lost it when a charter guest suggested she was wearing Spanx. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean cast members and producers are dishing about Michelle Damon’s Spanx fight with another charter guest.

It was one of the craziest drunken argument’s viewers have watched on the show. Michelle lost in on her friend, Shanna, for suggesting Johnny Damon’s wife was wearing Spanx. The two ladies were heavily intoxicated, which only escalated the fight.

Not only did Michelle yell, but she pulled up her dress — she was wearing a thong — to prove her point. Yes, her bare backside was on display as she screamed at Shana, who eventually went to her cabin crying. They made up after Shana apologized.

Is this for real?

Bugsy Drake and Aesha Scott got a front-row seat to the fight. On the Below Deck Mediterranean After Show, Aesha shared her thoughts on the hilarious friend brawl. The new second stew was in awe that such an argument was even happening.

“Most normal people, it’s like, you want to avoid drama at all costs. And it’s like, so someone asks if you’re wearing Spanx, who cares? Just move on. Honestly, get over it. It’s so over the top,” Aesha expressed while bursting into laughter.

Neither Tom Checketts nor Malia White was present for the fight. They didn’t even hear about it until the After Show. They were both shocked to discover what happened during the charter.

“I’m surprised the deck boys weren’t talking about it if it was a woman flashing her thong,” Malia shared.

Tom shared that he too was surprised they hadn’t been made aware of such an argument.

Below Deck Med producers weigh in too

Producer Nadine Rajabi also joined the After Show to talk about the Spanx fight. She admitted to laughing through the entire argument. Nadine recalled sitting in the control room questioning if they were genuinely watching a blow-up over Spanx.

The incident is not the first time that Johnny or his wife has taken issue with someone on the Bravo show. Michelle got in a heated exchange with a yacht owner during their first Below Deck Mediterranean appearance in Season 4. The Damons not afraid to speak their minds, especially when alcohol is involved.

“What I love about them, they’re very gracious people, but they’re also very unapologetic, and they are who they are. They’re very gracious people, and they’re very genuine people,” Nadine shared.

It turns out that Below Deck Med viewers weren’t the only ones stunned by Michelle Damon’s Spanx outburst. The cast and producers were too.

Johnny Damon and his wife Michelle sure know how to bring the party and drama to the Bravo show.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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