Below Deck Med: Captain Sandy Yawn shares update on Hannah Ferrier feud ‘I’m happy for her’

Captain Sandy Yawn talks former Below Deck Med costar Hannah Ferrier.
Captain Sandy and Hannah butted heads for nearly four seasons on Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean star Captain Sandy Yawn has shared an update on her feud with Hannah Ferrier ahead of Season 7 of the Below Deck spin-off.

There’s no love lost between the captain and former chief stew, that’s for sure. The tension between the two women got worse with each season they worked together.

It wasn’t just on-screen, either. Hannah previously shared producers had to step in at one point to try and help things run more smoothly. Captain Sandy firing Hannah for having Valium and a CBD pen was the final nail in the coffin of their turbulent professional relationship.

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Nearly three years after they last filmed together, during Season 5 when Hannah was fired, both Captain Sandy and Hannah still get asked about their feud.

Captain Sandy Yawn shares update on Hannah Ferrier feud ‘I’m happy for her’

The premiere of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 is days away on Bravo. It has already dropped on Peacock. As the anticipation of the new season heats up, Captain Sandy has been making the media rounds.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Captain Sandy was asked where she stands with Hannah today.

“Hannah doesn’t want any part of me. I feel I’m happy for her in everything that she’s doing. Honestly — I’ve never had a feeling of hate. It doesn’t live in my heart,” the captain expressed.

No, Captain Sandy has no regret about her decision to fire Hannah. However, she does wish the former chief stew well.

“I wish her well, and for some reason she blames me, but you know what? I’m sorry. I’m not gonna risk my career for anybody. I wish her well,” she expressed to the weekly magazine.

News broke a couple of weeks ago that Hannah has landed a new reality TV gig, The Real Love Boat. Hannah clapped back at trolls who bashed her for leaving her daughter Ava to film the show.

Captain Sandy called Hannah’s reality television return “awesome,” reiterating she’s nothing but happy for her former colleague.

Hannah Ferrier & Capt. Sandy Yawn Go Head-To-Head | WWHL

What can fans expect from Below Deck Season 7?

For the first time since she joined the series in Season 2, Captain Sandy Yawn has a new chief stew, bosun, and chef. Despite their differences, Captain Sandy at least had someone familiar in Hannah for years on Below Deck Med.

The past two seasons the captain had her good friend Malia as bosun to reply on but not this year. Malia confirmed last month she was stepping away from the yachting series, at least for now.

Captain Sandy has a couple of big problems on her hands with three new department heads.

One is bosun Raygan Tyler. Those who have watched the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 premiere on Peacock know trouble has already started brewing for the captain and bosun.

Plus, a burgeoning relationship between chief stew Natasha Webb and chef David White will cause lots of turmoil for Captain Sandy and her crew.

Your Outrageous First Look At Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7! | Bravo

Hannah Ferrier and Captain Sandy Yawn will never be friends. However, Captain Sandy holds no ill will and wants only happiness for the chief stew.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 premiers on Monday, July 11, on Bravo, with episodes dropping a week early on Peacock.

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