Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier shuts down trolls mom-shaming her for working

Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean has harsh message for mom shamers.
Hannah isn’t here for the haters who question her as a mother. Pic credit: Bravo and CBS

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Hannah Ferrier has shut down trolls mom-shaming her for working.

Hannah isn’t one for biting her tongue, as Below Deck Med fans know all too well. The former chief stew spoke her mind all four and a half seasons she appeared on the hit yachting now.

Since her firing during Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean, Hannah welcomed her first child, daughter Ava with her husband, Josh Roberts. A couple of weeks ago, Hannah announced the exciting news she was headed back to reality television.

The news should have been happy, but the online haters came out in force, shaming her for leaving Ava to go film the show, and Hannah’s had enough of the trolls.

Hannah Ferrier shuts down mom-shaming trolls

After receiving a slew of DM’s filled with meanness and nastiness toward her because she is working, Hannah used social media to clap back at the trolls.

“Honestly guys — please don’t comment and DM that I’m a horrible mother for going to work. We all have different family dynamics and jobs. Mine requires me to leave. She’s nearly 2 and I’ve had every day with her since she was born. I am very used to social media abuse but questioning a mothers love for her child is taking it a bit too far. Thank you to all my lovely followers who are supportive of a woman working hard and supporting her family,” Hannah shared via a Facebook post.

Hannah has message for haters.
Pic credit: Hannah Ferrier/Facebook

Despite all the haters coming for her, Hannah had a ton of support in the comments section of her message. The replies were filled with personal stories and calling her a good mom.

Hannah gets support from fans.
Pic credit: Hannah Ferrier/Facebook

This is not the first time Hannah has stood up for working mothers. When she was pregnant with Ava, Hannah clapped back at a hater who said she shouldn’t be full-time.

It’s worth noting Hannah has been working since Ava was born with the booming businesses of her yachting school and podcast.

Below Deck Med’s Hannah returns to the Mediterranean

The Real Love Boat has been filming around the Mediterranean for the past couple of weeks. Hannah has kept her social media followers updated with some posts from her various experiences.

One IG post featured Hannah exploring Italy. It’s unclear if she was doing it as part of the show or if her travel excursions were during her downtime.

Former Below Deck Med starlet Hannah Ferrier has put the trolls on notice for mom-shaming her as she filmed her new show, The Real Love Boat. The show recently announced two famous faces will join Hannah and crew as the hosts.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 premiers on Monday, July 11, on Bravo, with episodes dropping a week early on Peacock.

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Barbara Aucoin
Barbara Aucoin
1 year ago

Shaming her for doing what she’s supposed to do as a mother? To earn money so her child can have a better life vs millions of lazy ass females who are on welfare to pay for their kids from various origins. Those are the trolls.