Below Deck Med: Bugsy Drake stands up for Hannah Ferrier after Captain Sandy Yawn’s waitress remark

Bugsy Drake shades Captain Sandy Yawn amid her comments about Hannah Ferrier being a waitress.
Bugsy is friends with Captain Sandy but she does not like her mean comment about chief stews. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Bugsy Drake is standing up for Hannah Ferrier after Captain Sandy Yawn’s waitress remark about the former chief stew.

Captain Sandy and Hannah recently reignited their feud, proving their dislike for each other is still as strong as ever. Hannah called Captain Sandy competitive, while the captain claimed chief stews “wait tables.”

Bugsy has weighed in on the comment. Despite her turbulent history with Hannah, Bugsy has defended her against Captain Sandy’s words.

How did Bugsy stand up for Hannah?

The South African native is in the middle of a promotional tour for her newly released book, The Art of Tablescaping: Deck Out Your Table with the Queen of Theme, released on May 4. In an interview with Us Weekly, Bugsy revealed what she thought of Captain Sandy’s comment.

“I can understand the backlash of like where Hannah stands in terms of saying that she just waits tables. Like I don’t agree with that comment because a chief stewardess goes above and beyond like just waiting tables,” Bugsy shared.

Fans of the Below Deck franchise are fully aware of the demands of being a chief stew. After all, as Bugsy shared, a chief stew oversees the guests’ entire charter experience. Yes, serving drinks and food is part of it.

“They set up the itinerary; they make sure that their stay on board is just high end and top-notch; they set tables, they wait tables, they look after the crew,” Bugsy expressed. “I always say the chief stew is like the mother of a yacht. So, I don’t think that Hannah just waits tables is a fair comment, but it’s maybe the way that a lot of people might perceive it.”

Has Bugsy changed her mind about Hannah?

Although Bugsy didn’t appreciate Captain Sandy’s comment, it hasn’t changed her mind about Hannah or the captain.

Bugsy did spill to the magazine that she feels like Captain Sandy’s remark was taken out of context. Yes, the captain and Bugsy are still good friends. Captain Sandy even wrote the forward in Bugsy’s book.

As for her relationship with Hannah, it is non-existent, according to Bugsy.

“I wish her well on her baby, and that’s pretty much as far as that’s gone. I think we had our last bits of communication just after the reunion, and that was that. It was kind of like a final stop to everything that’s been going on between us,” Bugsy stated.

Thanks to her book tour, fans are learning a lot from Bugsy Drake. Along with defending Hannah Ferrier, Bugsy has spilled the tea on her new man and if she will return for Below Deck Med Season 6.

Bugsy also commented on the news Below Deck Sailing Yacht duo Ciara Duggan and Paget Berry ended their engagement.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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