Below Deck fans weigh in on Season 11 after toxic Below Deck Med Season 8

Kyle Stille on Below Deck Season 11 and Kyle Viljoen on Below Deck Med Season 8
Below Deck fans are hopeful about the new Kyle in the yachting franchise. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fans are weighing in on Season 11 of the OG show after a very hard-to-watch Season 8 of Below Deck Med.

There’s no question that Below Deck fans were ready for Captain Sandy Yawn to hit the road with her Season 8 Mustique crew.

However, having Below Deck without Captain Lee Rosbach was also cause for concern.

We are only one episode into the new season, and Below Deck fans already have much to say.

Redditt was buzzing with so many fans who are just grateful not to watch Kyle Viljoen or Tumi Mhlongo on their screens anymore.

“I don’t remember anything about this episode except how happy I was not to watch Kyle and Tumi anymore” read one remark.

Another commented on not having Kyle on the season, and a different one said, “GOODBYE KYLE,” referencing an infamous The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills line from Lisa Vanderpump’s husband, Ken Todd, to Kyle Richards.

Kyle and Tumi comments
Reddit users weigh in. Pic credit: @mightyschooner/@elmosneakers/@throw_some_glitter/Reddit

Below Deck fans weigh in on Season 11 after toxic Below Deck Med Season 8

“After this past season of Med, I’d be happy just watching Fraser walk around muttering under his breath,” said a Reddit user.

A different one echoed the fun of listening to Chief Stew Fraser Olender mutter to himself as he walks around on the show. One user even suggested his comments would help make the season great.

Fraser Reddit comments
More Below Deck fans weigh in. Pic credit: @ilovemischief/@lovetheblazer/@TFred23/Reddit

Captain Kerry Titheradge was also one hot topic on Reddit. He’s the man stepping in to fill Captain Lee’s shoes. The Below Deck Adventure alum got some high praise for his debut on the OG show.

“46 minutes into this season of BD and I have high hopes for Capt Kerry being the Captain to replace Lee. Captain Kerry is relatable and does not have an inflated ego,” read a comment.

One Below Deck fan gave Captain Kerry props for walking around the yacht and checking every single area before the first charter. Another expressed interest in wanting to work for a boss like Captain Kerry, especially after he made his expectations of the crew crystal clear.

Captain Kerry comments
Below Deck fans love Captain Kerry. Pic credit: @macluvslucy/@osogood48/@sweetiedarlingabfab/Reddit

More Below fan reactions to Season 11 premiere

It wasn’t all praise for the new season of Below Deck despite happiness Below Deck Med was no longer on Bravo airwaves. Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby got called out for basically thinking he’s all that and a bag of chips.

“Ben is not nearly as attractive or sexy as he thinks he is,” wrote one Reddit user.

A different user doesn’t understand what all the female crew members find attractive about Ben, and one pointed out that he’s not “EYE CANDY.”

Ben blacklash on Reddit
Reddit thoughts on Ben. Pic credit: @ScotlandStoleMyHeart/@Chastity-76/@Lonely_Impression142/Reddit

Aside from negativity about Ben, one Reddit user called out production for planting Jared Woodin as a bosun without the skill set to hack it on Below Deck.

“So obvious production hired the dud bosun so they can fire him and ben can step up in his place. They aren’t even trying with below deck,” read a comment.

Below Deck critic
Below Deck fans are unsure of new bosun. Pic credit: @Funny-Blueberry2573/Reddit

There’s no question that Below Deck fans are thrilled that Below Deck Med is done. Season 11 of the show is shaping up to have some problems, but so far, Below Deck fans are here for it.

Here’s hoping the rest of the season is good because fans deserve it after Below Deck Med Season 8.

To see the latest Below Deck Season 11 spoilers, click here.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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