Below Deck: Eddie Lucas and chef Rachel Hargrove end feud – Here’s where they stand with each other today

Rachel Hargrove and Eddie Lucas have squashed their Below Deck beef but will it last?
Rachel and Eddie had a sit-down to resolve the tension left over from Below Deck Season 8. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck stars Eddie Lucas and chef Rachel Hargrove ended their feud onscreen, but where do they stand with each other today?

Season 9 of Below Deck kicked off. Rachel expressed her frustration with things Eddie said behind her back during Season 8 of the yachting show. Eddie wasn’t a fan of drunk Rachel at all, which the chef didn’t know until watching the season play out on screen.

Rachel previously teased she had a sit down with Eddie to clear the air. The incident occurred on the most recent episode of Below Deck. Rachel shared her issues, and Eddie apologized for his actions.

The question is, are they friends today? Let’s take a look.

Where do Eddie Lucas and Rachel Hargrove stand with each other today?

Chef Rachel recently shared that while she has no ill will toward Eddie, she doesn’t consider him a friend. They have a professional working relationship, and she hasn’t blocked him on social media.

When discussing how Eddie did as a first-officer, Rachel gave him backhanded props. The chef’s remarks reiterated she is still not the biggest fan of Eddie’s.

In a recent interview with Domenick Nati on The Domenick Nati Show, Eddie admitted drunk Rachel is not his cup of tea. The first officer also shared that he considers the chef more of a “good colleague.”

As for whether Eddie and Rachel talk when the show is not filming, that would be a hard no. The only communication they have is about the show.

Since Eddie agreed to communicate his feelings with Rachel on screen, it sounds like the rest of the season is smooth sailing for them.

Captain Lee Rosbach reacts to Rachel and Eddie’s talk on Below Deck

Twitter was buzzing with Below Deck fans responding to Eddie and Rachel’s chat, burying the hatchet.

There were quite a few opinions on these two squashing their beef.

Captain Lee Rosbach also took to social media to express his thoughts on Rachel and Eddie handling their differences.

Captain Lee reacts to Eddie and Rachel talk.
Pic credit: @capthlr/Twitter

When one Twitter user shared that’s how adults resolve their issues or problems, Captain Lee agreed.

Captain Lee agrees with Twitter use.
Pic credit: @capthlr/Twitter

Chef Rachel Hargrove and Eddie Lucas from Below Deck are never going to be the best of friends. They both do enjoy filming Below Deck with Captain Lee, which means the two of them had to figure out how to work together.

Based on the recent episode of the hit yachting show and recent comments by them, it seems Eddie and Rachel have found a nice professional relationship.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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