Below Deck: Rachel Hargrove opens up about Eddie Lucas tension ahead of Season 9 return

Rachel Hargrove talks Eddie Lucas drama after he dissed her on Below Deck Season 8
Eddie and Rachel may not be enemies but they are far from friends. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck’s Rachel Hargrove has opened up about Eddie Lucas’ tension ahead of their Season 9 return.

The chef and the bosun, now first-officer, had a turbulent relationship at best during Below Deck Season 8. Eddie grew frustrated with Rachel’s drunk antics, including her quitting in a rage-filled rant. He spent a good part of the season criticizing her on and off the show.

Rachel didn’t learn of Eddie’s true feelings about her until Season 8 played out onscreen. Now the two of them are back working together for another season. The chef has updated Below Deck fans on where they stand with each other today.

What did Below Deck’s Rachel Hargrove say about Eddie Lucas’ tension?

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rachel admitted she and Eddie had some unfinished business regarding the remarks he made about her.

“Well, let’s just put it this way: He is very lucky that I was in a tiny town in Italy,” the chef expressed in response to what she thought about Eddie’s comments.

Rachel revealed that in the premiere episode, Eddie declares he’s scared to work with “bats**t crazy Rachel again.” The chef is perfectly fine with being called that too.

“You know, what’s really funny is, if bats**t crazy is good at their job and is a ride or die b***h, I’m cool with that one. Like, I am my personality. It’s never going to change. It doesn’t matter,” she expressed to the entertainment website.

When it comes to Eddie’s perception of her, Rachel couldn’t care less. The chef believes Eddie is entitled to his opinion and beliefs.

However, she does find his perception a bit hypocritical considering his actions on Below Deck Season 3 with Rocky Dakota.

Do Eddie and Rachel get along during Season 9?

The chef explained that things were super tense between her and Eddie when Below Deck Season 9 first started filming. Rachel felt it was important for the two of them to have a sit down to clear the air.

“Unfortunately, it took a lot of asking to sit down and do it,” the chef shared. “It was one of those moments where I was just like, we really do need to like hash this out because it is affecting me. All of this is now coming to light just before we did the season.”

Rachel didn’t want to go through another season of Eddie trash-talking her behind her back. She knew they needed to have a tough discussion. As for how that sit-down went, Below Deck fans will just have to watch this season to find out.

There is still unresolved tension between Eddie Lucas and Rachel Hargrove during Below Deck Season 9. At this point, Rachel doesn’t consider him a friend but hasn’t blocked him on social media.

It’s going to be one entertaining season with Rachel and Eddie both returning.

Below Deck Season 9 premiere airs Monday, October 25 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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