Below Deck Down Under star Jamie Sayed talks about his first experience being recognized by fans

Jamie Sayed
Jamie Sayed was recognized by Below Deck Down Under fans for the first time and shared his experience. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Down Under bosun, Jamie Sayed shared the story of the exciting moment fans recognized him for the first time.

Jamie posted a picture with the two supporters and accompanied it with the story of how these first fans of his came up to him and brought up his appearance on the show.

Jamie is new to the Below Deck franchise, and viewers have been watching him in his first position as bosun of a vessel.

He has had some bumps along the way trying to figure out his management style and how to figure out his place within the crew on nights out.

Jamie Sayed shared details on being recognized by Below Deck Down Under fans for the first time

It appears as though Down Under bosun Jamie Sayed had not been recognized by any Below Deck viewers up until now because he shared the story of his first experience on Instagram.

In a post that he geotagged in West Palm Beach, Florida, Jamie shared a selfie he took with his first two fans.

In the caption, he wrote, “My first fans – So I’m dancing and having fun with some friends when these 2 came up to me and showed me a picture on their phone, & it was a picture of ME wearing my #belowdeckdownunder uniform, and Canaan asked if it was me…”

Jamie continued, “I laughed and was super excited as they were the first people that I didn’t know to actually approach me in person! We had to get a photo together. It was a surreal feeling for me.”

Season 1 of Below Deck Down Under has been a wild spinoff so far

Below Deck Down Under viewers have had a lot of drama to soak in from the franchise’s newest spinoff, which is exclusively available on Peacock.

There has been an unruly chef and strained relationships between chief stew Aesha Scott and one of her stewardesses, as well as said chef Ryan McKeown. On top of that, deck crew performance has been an issue, and there have been some colorful guests.

Captain Jason Chambers has also stolen the hearts of Below Deck fans who have deemed him “#captaincutie.”

Not to mention the entire backdrop of the season is the Whitsundays Islands in Australia, where viewers have been privy to witness activities in and around the astounding Great Barrier Reef.

With plenty more to come this season, including a boat romance and an angry Captain Jason, Down Under viewers should keep watching.

Below Deck Down Under airs Thursdays on Peacock.

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