Here are the taglines for each of the Below Deck Down Under cast members

Ryan McKeown, Aesha Scott, and Magda Ziomek
Each of the Below Deck Down Under cast members has a quote or phrase that has become their tagline from the show. Pic credit: Bravo

The crew of motor yacht Thalassa from the premiere season of Below Deck Down Under has already caused quite the splash of entertainment for viewers to enjoy.

This includes quirky phrases or one-liners from each of the crew that appear to be inherent to their personalities.

These taglines were called out by a Below Deck fan page who chose quotes said by the crew members to match their charisma on screen.

There were varied crew reactions to the different situations on board, with plenty of screw-ups and high points in the books this season.

The fan page’s post about crew taglines depicted each yachtie’s most memorable responses.

These are the taglines for each of the Below Deck Down Under crew members

The Below Deck Down Under crew have already dropped some hilarious or perplexing comments during this season, and a Below Deck fan page has gathered the best one for each cast member.

For chief stew Aesha Scott, when she referred to chef Ryan McKweon’s personality, she remarked, “He’s just got real small d**k energy, ya know?”

In the fan page’s post, Captain Jason Chambers, called “captain daddy Jason,” had a reaction to Aesha snorting laughing during their after-charter meeting.

As Aesha’s pronounced laugh came out, Captain Jason exclaimed, “Good snort!!”

Deckhand Benny Crawley was tasked with flaking the anchor, which involved being in a confined space, taking a pole, and wrapping the chain neatly in a circle as it was raised up to prevent tangles.

Benny freaked out and screamed, “It’s too much. It’s big, it’s fast, I’m s******g myself!”

Bosun Jamie Sayed was enamored with third stew Magda Ziomek and said in a private interview, “Usually I’m a good flirt.” He ended up finding out she had a boyfriend.

Deckhand Brittini Burton had heart eyes for Captain Jason and said while she was referring to him, “I was gonna say ‘sexy a**’… That’s probably too much..”

Second stew Tumi Mhlongo got excited about the tip money they received at the end of the first charter and said during her private interview, “Moola. I’m gonna probably do a little Botox. Just a little pinch pinch, ya know?”

Down Under viewers got to know chef Ryan McKeown and the fact that he wanted the guests to operate on his time. A one-liner came out when he was frustrated that jabbed, “I’m gonna be late as f**k for dinner tonight on purpose.”

When Magda Ziomek attempted to flirt with Captain Jason, she found out he was a Libra and said, “Libras are naughty too!”

American deckhand Culver Bradbury offered a glimpse into how he felt about himself when he declared, “You throw me the ball, we gonna win every game, alright?!”

Tensions will be running high this season on Below Deck:Down Under

Conflict in the galley between Aesha and Ryan can be detrimental to the season’s success. Issues shown in the trailer between Aesha and Magda will also surface this season.

Down Under viewers have already seen Brittini and Tumi get their feelings hurt by Jamie’s bold stance that he wasn’t interested in any of the other girls on board after finding out about Magda’s boyfriend.

What goes down on nights out and how the crew gets along in their work setting will also determine the tone of the season.

Below Deck Down Under airs Thursdays on Peacock.

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