Below Deck Down Under: Jamie Sayed talks friendship with Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Marcos Spaziani

Chef Marcos from Below Deck Sailing Yacht and Jamie from Below Deck Down Under are pals.
Jamie made quite the first impression on chef Marcos. Pic credit: Peacock and Bravo

Below Deck Down Under star Jamie Sayed has talked about his friendship with Below Deck Sailing Yacht chef Marcos Spaziani.

Jamie appears on Below Deck Down Under Season 1, which is currently airing on Bravo after its original run-on Peacock. Marcos needs no introduction as a fan favorite who just wrapped Season 3 of the hit sailing show.

It turns out these two used to work together and are close friends who worked together before either of them was part of the Below Deck family.

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The two pals worked together on a yacht in the Bahamas, with Jamie being a very green deckhand. Marcos, though, had plenty of experience under his belt at the time.

Despite forming a close-knit bond, Marcos and Jamie got off to a rocky start when Jamie had a request for the chef during crew dinner. See, Jamie was set up by the bosun to ask Marcos for gravy while the chef was cooking for the guests.

Once Marcos realized it was a joke, Jamie declared that’s where their friendship was born.

Below Deck Down Under star Jamie Sayed opens up about Marcos Spaziani friendship

When speaking with The Daily Dish to promote Below Deck Down Under on Bravo, Jamie got candid about his friendship with chef Marcos.

Jamie recalled one afternoon when he was working with Marcos. The two really opened up to each other and connected on a deeper level. It was that moment that bonded them.

“We sort of became close and stayed close from then on. We lost touch for a little bit but reconnected, and I stayed at his place just recently, went to his restaurant, bar, and stuff like that. It was really cool to check out,” Jamie expressed.

The friendship means as much to Marcos as it does to Jamie. Last spring, when Jamie came to visit him, the chef posted a photo of them together and encouraged his followers to check out Below Deck Down Under.

Jamie Sayed claims Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s chef Marcos Spaziani is the real deal

Along with dishing their friendship, Jamie also made it clear that Marcos is just as wonderful as he appears on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

“I remember back in the day, he would come out, pretty much every charter guest, he would come out and just be talking, talking the talk with the guests. Just making them laugh. He just always made them laugh. They loved him. It was good. He’s a good chef. He’s funny, personable, and likes to get the party started,” Jamie started.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans know that chef Marcos Spaziani developed a bromance on Season 3 with Colin MacRae and Gary King. Well, the chef apparently has a way of bonding with crew members.

Jamie Sayed from Below Deck Down Under considers Marcos one of his boys and has reiterated the chef is the real deal. It’s another friendship Below Deck fans might not have been aware of before.

Below Deck Down Under airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo. Season 1 is also streaming in Peacock.

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