Below Deck Adventure viewers sound off on Seth trying to take Lewis’ job

Seth Jacobson and Lewis Lupton Below Deck Adventure
Seth has thoughts on Lewis as a bosun. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Adventure viewers have sounded off on Seth Jacobson trying to take Lewis Lupton’s job as bosun.

Seth has only been on the Mercury yacht a hot minute, but the deckhand has already made waves with the crew, including Captain Kerry Titheradge.

The newbie isn’t thrilled with how Lewis has been running the deck team and went to Captain Kerry to take the job from Lewis.

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When the captain stood by Lewis, Seth opted to inform the bosun that he wanted to be lead deckhand.

These actions haven’t painted Seth, who has been a captain on other boats, in the best light with Below Deck Adventure viewers.

Twitter was buzzing after the latest episode that highlighted Seth’s shady actions.

Below Deck Adventure viewers diss Seth Jacobson for trying to take Lewis Lupton’s job

There were a lot of opinions dissing Seth and his behavior following the latest episode of Below Deck Adventure.

One user said, “Seth needs to chill out,” while another suggested that he should know his place.

“If Seth is so above being a deckhand and didn’t want to come in as one, why accept the job? Why weren’t you already busy being a captain of some other vessel?” tweeted a different critic.

Twitter diss Seth from BDA
Pic credit: @gailwhite 453/@bside1307/@lbdiditnice/Twitter

A comparison of Seth to Giorgio Tsoukalos from the History Channel was also made.

Another user made a joke about Seth’s ego, and one called Seth going to Captain Kerry to try to get Lewis bumped from the bosun role was a “Bad idea.”

Seth ego Twitter comments
Pic credit: @ZeldaVegas/@BingeWars/Twitter

Speaking of Captain Kerry, he was praised for the way he handled the situation with Seth.

There was also a comment on Seth’s goal to captain a ship to Mars.

Below Deck Adventure fans defend Seth amid Lewis’ drama

Not everyone watching Below Deck Adventure was up in arms over what Seth did. The deckhand had a few Twitter users coming to his defense.

One fan admitted Seth would be a better bosun than Lewis but also that he needs to slow his roll and be patient.

Another one was just fine with Seth and his shadiness because “Lewis is lazy.”

Seth Jacobson has certainly brought a different dynamic to Below Deck Adventure, especially regarding his desire to take the bosun role from Lewis Lupton.

The season is about half over, which means plenty of Below Deck Adventure drama is yet to come, including Seth’s feelings about Lewis as bosun.

What do you think of Seth?

Below Deck Adventure airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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