Hannah Ferrier didn’t tell Faye Clarke not to do Below Deck Adventure, Faye sets the record straight too

Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Med and Faye Clarke from Below Deck Adventure
Hannah and Faye are clearing the air on some recent comments made by the Below Deck Adventure star. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Hannah Ferrier has come out to defend herself against comments Faye Clarke said about the former chief stew warning her not to join Below Deck Adventure.

It turns out Hannah did not warn or tell Faye to avoid the show, and now Faye has agreed that’s true.

This week Monsters and Critics reported that Faye shared Hannah warned her against being part of the Below Deck Adventure team. 

Faye declared that Hannah told her to “run” from the show, but Faye makes her own decisions, so she did the Below Deck spin-off anyway.

When the article was posted to Monsters and Critics Facebook page, Hannah replied to deny she said anything bad about the franchise.

“This is NOT true in the slightest. The first time I had contact with Faye was a few days ago when this article came out ?? I have so many people come to me when they are auditioning and ask my opinion and it’s always the same – ‘it’s an amazing experience. Once [in] a lifetime! Have an amazing time and good-luck,'” Hannah wrote.

Hannah comments
Pic credit: Monsters and Critics/Facebook

Below Deck Med alum Hannah Ferrier defends herself

The Instagram fan account @belowdeckaboveaverage also shared an article on what Faye shared that Hannah told her about being part of the Below Deck family.

Hannah showed up in the comments of the IG post to make it clear that was not what happened at all. The Real Love Boat star made it clear she doesn’t talk badly about the show or Bravo and reiterated she didn’t speak to Faye until the Metro UK article came out.

A fan replied to Hannah’s comment asking if what Faye said was true, and Hannah once again set the record straight that she did not tell Faye not to be part of Below Deck Adventure.

Hannah defends herself.
Pic credit: @belowdeckaboveaverage/Instagram

Below Deck Adventure star Faye Clarke sets the record straight

Faye has also cleared the air via an Instagram Story video, as reported by Showbiz Cheatsheet. The Bravo personality revealed that Hannah reached out to let Faye know she didn’t recall speaking to her.

It was then that Faye realized her initial talk was with a fake Hannah Instagram account. Faye has shared that she has nothing but respect for Hannah.

After her IG Story, Faye took to Instagram to remind people that neither she nor Hannah trained for reality TV while also declaring everyone on the Below Deck team respects each other.

Hannah Ferrier and Faye Clarke have set the record straight on recent remarks Faye made in an interview.

What do you think of what Hannah and Faye both said?

Below Deck Adventure airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo. Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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