Below Deck Adventure: Captain Kerry Titheradge reveals what makes new Below Deck spin-off different

Captain Kerry from Below Deck Adventure spills ons tea.
Captain Kerry gets real about Below Deck Adventure. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Adventure’s Captain Kerry Titheradge has revealed what makes the new Below Deck spin-off so different than the rest.

The series is the latest installment in the Below Deck franchise. However, it will bring a new element to the series that fans have never seen before.

Set in Norway, Below Deck Adventure focuses on cold water charters with extreme excursions as opposed to the warmer climate of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

The launch of a new series means a whole new crew will join the hit-yachting family.

Captain Kerry will be at the helm of the show. While he may be new to the Below Deck series, the captain has years of experience.

Hot on the heels of the Below Deck Adventure trailer dropping, Captain Kerry has shed some light on what Below Deck fans can expect from the spin-off.

Captain Kerry Titheradge reveals what makes new Below Deck spin-off different

The obvious thing that sets Below Deck Adventure apart from the rest is the cold-water climate. However, that’s just the beginning of the differences, according to the new captain.

Captain Kerry spilled in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the charter guests and crew are “totally different.”

These guests, including RHOSLC star Heather Gay, are looking for a more thrill-seeking experience than those on the other shows looking for beach picnics and chill time.

“We went biking down Trollstigen road, this road that has dozens of hairpin turns. They went paragliding, horseback riding. We got classy and did a fashion show in the caves,” Captain Kerry shared.

Norway offers new set of challenges for filming Below Deck

Captain Kerry gushed over how beautiful Norway is, giving charter guests a picturesque backdrop. However, the cold water and climate mean new challenges.

For example, wind patterns and cold water can bring dangerous yachting conditions. Another issue has to do with the restrictions on where yachts can anchor.

“They’re very strict on where you can anchor. If you can imagine, like, the depth of the fjords is like the Himalayas, and I’ve gotta drop my anchor on Mount Everest. If it slides off Mount Everest, I can’t get it back up again,” the captain expressed to the magazine.

The area where the show was filmed in Norway isn’t super touristy, according to the captain. He explained that presented an issue for chef Jessica Condy because the locals weren’t used to the kind of requests or demands for provisions that come with cooking on a luxury yacht.

Even though the new element Below Deck Adventure brings to the Below Deck family, Captain Kerry Titheradge teased some things never change. The crew drama will be front and center, with the captain teasing things kick off with a bang.

Below Deck Adventure premieres on Tuesday, November 1 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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