Bekah Martinez makes a mom confession that we can all relate to

Bekah Martinez
Bekah Martinez, with her two kids, makes a mom confession to her fans. Pic credit: @bekah/Instagram

It’s no secret in Bachelor Nation that Bekah Martinez takes the non-traditional route when it comes to parenting. She’s not afraid to talk about, post about it, or put videos and pictures out there for her fans and viewers to see.

What was Bekah’s confession?

Bekah recently made a true-life mom confession to her fans via her Instagram account. She took a photo in her car of her lap as she held a lettuce wrap, complete with bacon, cheese, patty, and tomato, with the wrapper around the outside of it.

She clearly needed a mom break and was out and about taking some time for herself. Bekah decided to stop and treat herself to an enjoyable, tasty dinner, sans kids.

On her Instagram picture, she wrote, “bout to go home and make the kids rice and lentils and peas for dinner,” ending it with a laughing/crying face emoji and purple demon emoji.

Let’s be honest…who, as a mom, out by herself, hasn’t wanted to stop and get her own meal, before then going home to her loud, crazy household and kids?

Bekah jokes that her kids will have to eat “gross adult food” as she gets to have something she absolutely loves for dinner.

Bekah Martinez shares a confession on her Instagram account.
Bekah Martinez is making a real-life mom confession on her Instagram account. Pic credit: @bekah/Instagram

How many kids does Bekah have?

Viewers have seen posts from Bekah as a mom, girlfriend, friend, and Bachelor Nation alum. She and her boyfriend, Grayston Leonard have two children together, a daughter named Ruth Ray De La Luz and a son named Franklin James.

Bekah was first introduced to Bachelor Nation when she was a contestant on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season and was (at that time) the youngest contestant on The Bachelor at age 22.

While Bekah got mixed reviews on that season of The Bachelor, what really made news was when she supposedly “disappeared,” no one knew where she was, and her parents could not get ahold of her.

The whole story and ordeal were highly questionable and mysterious, and fans still aren’t exactly sure what happened, despite Bekah trying to “clear the air” afterward.

Moms need to prioritize themselves, too

As a girlfriend and mom, Bekah has different priorities, wants, and needs. We all know how tired we can become in motherhood and how precious some alone time can be. Bekah posted a funny but honest take on the fact that moms need to take care of themselves too.

The Bachelor airs Monday, January 24, 2022, at 8/7c on ABC.

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