Bekah Martinez shows off fun ‘land before time’ family Halloween costume

Bekah Martinez holds up a pumpkin face with boyfriend Grayston Leonard and her daughter
Bekah Martinez and boyfriend Grayston Leonard pose with their daughter for Halloween

Bachelor star Bekah Martinez showed off her Halloween costume over the weekend, along with her family, who were all decked out in head-to-toe leopard print. She captioned the post, “Took a little trip back to the land before time.”

Bekah got into the holiday spirit with her hair a mess, brandishing a fake dinosaur bone and making a crazy face.

Bekah posted multiple family Halloween costumes

Bekah’s Land Before Time costume was just one of multiple Halloween costumes the influencer has posted over the last week, including 101 Dalmations in which she was dressed as Cruella De Ville and another where she was dressed as the witch and her daughter was Snow White.

The former Bachelor star turned family Instagram influencer made fun of herself and other moms at the beginning of October after the major outage the app experienced that lasted for more than 5 hours. Bekah posted a photo of herself along with her husband and children all wearing t-shirts that said, “I survived the great 2021 Instagram shutdown.”

Since appearing on The Bachelor, Bekah has made quite a name for herself in the mommy influencer sphere, racking up over 740k followers by posting about the realities of motherhood, and supporting breastfeeding.

Bekah has revealed she and her boyfriend may want an “open relationship” one day

She also featured her boyfriend, Grayston Leonard, with whom she shares daughter Ruth Ray De La Luz and son Franklin James. During the Not Skinny, Not Fat podcast, Bekah dished on their relationship, claiming that though they are monogamous now, they might not always be that way.

She revealed, “We’ve talked before about, like, I want to get married, but like, ‘I don’t know if I want to have sex with you for the rest of my life.” They later discussed having an “open relationship.”

The pair have had a difficult path in their relationship, with Bekah getting pregnant just 3 months in. In 2020, she went into more detail, answering questions on her Instagram stories. Over a photo of the pair cuddled up close, she wrote, “Honestly … I got prego three months into dating. We didn’t have a ‘sex life’ really established before pregnancy and kids so we’ve kind of never known any different with each other.”

She even revealed they had “wanted to break up a million times,” but now they are “stronger than ever.” A family Halloween costume is definitely good evidence of that.

It appears the couple is going strong after Bekah posted a photo of them at a ring store on October 10, claiming she was picking out her engagement ring, and they had talked privately about getting married.

It looks like marriage may be on the cards for the couple, perhaps Chris Harrison will have the honor of officiating?

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