Becca Kufrin is ‘really broken up about’ her split from Garrett, as she took her time to share the news

Becca Kufrin
Becca Kufrin is heartbroken over her split from Garrett. Pic credit: ABC

Becca Kufrin announced yesterday that her engagement to Garrett Yrigoyen is over.

For weeks, fans have speculated that the two could have split over differing views on social justice and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Garrett, who has been a vocal supporter of police officers, managed to anger Becca’s podcast co-host Rachel Lindsay, who felt that his views were a direct attack on her as a person.

Yesterday, Becca tearfully shared the news on her podcast, The Bachelor Happy Hour, and then later on her Instagram.

Now, a source is speaking out about the split.

Becca Kufrin is heartbroken over her split from Garrett

Apparently, Becca is heartbroken that she and Garrett couldn’t work out their issues.

“Becca is really broken up about it,” a source told Us Weekly this week. “She thought Garrett was her person, her forever.”

In her breakup announcement, Becca revealed that they weren’t splitting over a single Instagram post, hinting that it wasn’t his vocal support for the Blue Lives Matter movement that tore them apart. For now, she wants space to come to terms with everything.

“Becca understands that fans became invested in her relationship over the past two years and appreciates the love that she and Garrett have received. That said, she needed space and time to figure things out before officially confirming the breakup,” the source explains.

“She never intended to be cryptic or mysterious. She just didn’t want to be reactive out of respect for the relationship.”

It was yesterday that Becca confirmed that she and Garrett had split up on Instagram.

It took weeks for her to address the split. Fans speculated that she had moved into a new place after Garrett shared with a friend on Instagram that he had a new address.

Becca Kufrin was spotted without her engagement ring

Becca herself didn’t try to hide the split either. While Garrett was backpacking through Nevada’s wilderness, she posted an Instagram photo of herself eating pizza.

That happened just earlier this month. In the photo, Becca was spotted without her engagement ring.

Even though the post was about something completely different, fans quickly made the post about the lack of her engagement ring, pushing the theory even further that the two had split up.

Becca never addressed the issue on Instagram.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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