Becca Kufrin and Serena Pitt give their thoughts on Gabby Windey’s red light group date

Becca Kufrin
Becca Kufrin and Serena Pitt discuss Gabby Windey’s group date. Pic credit: @bkoof/Instagram

As the Bachelor franchise continues to air, production has their hands full coming up with new date ideas. In this season of The Bachelorette, fans have seen more unique date ideas than ever before.

In this past episode, the production team and creator Mike Fleiss went the extra mile and provided Bachelor Nation with a more risqué group date than has been done in the past.

When Gabby Windey took her remaining men, Jason Alabaster, Johnny DePhillipo, Erich Schwer, Logan Palmer, and Spencer Swies, to the red light district in Amsterdam, things got real.

During the group date, Gabby’s guys had to come up with safe words in case they didn’t want to answer the intimate question that was asked by Gabby or the woman in charge.

Moreover, the men participated in some activities that got them out of their comfort zones and made some blush and others laugh nervously as they played out. While fans and some alums watched the episode, there were different thoughts and opinions on the date.

Bachelor alums Becca Kufrin and Serena Pitt spoke out about this specific date with Gabby and her men and discussed whether or not they were into it or if it was too over the top for the show.

Serena Pitt and Becca Kufrin speak out about Gabby Windey’s group date

This past week on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, co-hosts Becca Kufrin and Serena Pitt chatted about how they felt about Gabby’s group date in the red light district.

Serena spoke first on her opinions as she stated, “I wanted to hate it, but I loved it. I thought it was hysterical. I’ve been to Amsterdam, so I’ve been to the red light district. But this was not something I was expecting to see on this show!”

She continued, “The guys were so flustered; it was so hilarious. When they were doing the safe words, they were cracking me up.”

Becca explained how her fiancé, Thomas Jacobs, walked in while it was on, and he couldn’t believe the franchise put on a group date that risqué. He happened to go into the room while Gabby was whipping the men, and they were shouting their safe words.

She even relayed that Thomas asked her, “‘Is this The Bachelorette?! Is she allowed to whip them on this show?’ I was like, ‘ABC is pushing the boundaries on this one,’ but I loved it.”

The co-hosts talked about the men’s safe words

Becca and Serena then discussed what the men came up with on the spot for their safe words during the activity.

The former Bachelorette Becca couldn’t get over that Spencer said Albuquerque for his and that Logan came up with asbestos because he said that would be something you would never want in the bedroom.

After saying that, Becca asked Serena what safe word she would choose if she had to come up with one.

She revealed to Becca that, because her favorite movie is Sleeping with Other People, she would have to go with mousetrap; she went on to say that was the main characters’ joke-safe word.

Serena also exclaimed, “It’s so violent – there’s nothing sexy about a mouse trap. So that is what I would say!”

For the entire podcast episode with Becca and Serena and more on Gabby’s group date, click here.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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1 year ago

Kind of a funny coincidence that Gabby was dressed for that group date day in a short leather skirt and her thigh high boots, later Warren mostly on all the other dates except for her Brown knee highs alone with Nate. :-) :-)