Basketball Wives reunion recap: Who showed up, who didn’t, and what went down

Shaunie, Evelyn, Malaysia, and Feby from Basketball Wives
The first part of the reunion was drama-filled, and new tea was spilled. Pic credit: VH1

Part one of the Basketball Wives reunion aired last night, and the drama started right from the beginning.

The ladies were all getting ready, sans Tami, when Evelyn stopped in to see Shaunie. Shaunie let everyone know that, unbeknownst to the viewers, OG pushed her and charged at production.

Next, we see the host, Marc Lamont Hill, asking OG to film from another room. OG and Cece decide at that point to leave. Then Jackie didn’t like her seat, and she also said she was leaving.

And this is all within the first 10 minutes!

After a brief game of musical chairs or seats, if you will, and a brief discussion about the table being across the stage so no one will pick it up to throw it, the conversation began.

Following the introductions, the host blamed Tami’s absence on a medical emergency…yeah, ok. Then Cece and OG’s absence was discussed. Kristen pointed out that Cece was actually the one who called Shaunie a b*tch, not her. And because of Evelyn’s flirting, we know that Marc Lamont Hill is single.

Feby and Jackie still don’t like each other…no surprises there. Jackie even offered Feby some breast milk. Ew.

Shaunie told Jennifer that she could talk about her ex-husband, but Jennifer can’t. Then Shaunie made an abrupt exit.

Apparently, she needed a break. Shaunie made it clear there would be no reconciliation between Shaq and herself. And then…OG is back!

OG explained that she had some things to say, and that’s why she came back. Shaunie says again that OG is aggressive.

And then came colorism-gate. OG says she’s hated because she’s dark. The rest of the ladies disagree. Then OG accused Malaysia of bleaching her skin.

Malaysia said that no one likes OG because she was scheming on Kristen. Then Feby and Kwame (OG’s man) exchanged some heated words. Feby called him broke. He told her to get a man and stay out of the music videos. And that was the end of part 1.

What are your thoughts about the first part of the reunion?

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