Basketball Wives has been renewed for another season, but will OG be back or was she fired?

OG from Basketball Wives
There are a lot of rumors out there that OG is out as a Basketball Wives cast member. Pic credit: VH1

With all the drama going on lately with Basketball Wives star Ogom “OG” Chijindu, everyone wants to know if she has been fired. What we do know, is the show has been renewed for another season, despite some viewers calls for the show to be canceled over colorism claims from OG.

Shaunie O’Neal took to Instagram Live to let it be known that the VH1 series has been renewed, she is not colorist, and OG was not fired.

On the second part of the reunion, however, Shaunie says something that’s very telling. She hints that Basketball Wives can’t continue with the same cast and some changes need to be made because most of the women no longer get along and can’t even be cordial enough to film. With Tami Roman already gone, and Shaunie and Evelyn being such good friends, does this mean OG could be the one to go?

According to Bossip, a production source said that OG is a “troublemaker behind the scenes.” The anonymous source said, “The whole thing about OG being aggressive actually started behind the camera. She’s been harassing Viacom executives behind the scenes as well as execs in the production offices.”

The source also went on to accuse OG of leaking executives and cast members’ personal information. They said she had wild demands as well. The source said, “During this season, she was constantly cussing out crewmembers for the most trivial things-like cords being on the floor and in the way of her walking, or not having her water room temperature. She was telling crew members and show executives that she would like to be addressed as ‘Princess’ because she’s better than everyone.”

The source continued discussing OG’s attitude, saying, “The aggressive thing didn’t come from nowhere. She caused a huge scene after cussing out TSA at the airport on the way to Costa Rica, THEN she got into a full-blown argument with someone on the plane over a window seat.”

With all the drama surrounding OG, it’s hard to believe she will be back next season. And while Shaunie maintains that she didn’t fire OG, that doesn’t mean her contract was renewed either.

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