CeCe Gutierrez on Basketball Wives: Meet Byron Scott’s current girlfriend

CeCe Gutierrez on Basketball Wives Season 7
CeCe in her Basketball Wives promo: Will she be called out as Byron Scott’s side chick?

CeCe Gutierrez joins Season 7 of Basketball Wives as a wild card. She is Byron Scott’s current girlfriend but she may have a hard time demanding respect from the rest of the women on the VH1 hit.

That’s due to reports that CeCe was Byron’s mistress before he finally ended his marriage in 2014. Now CeCe is the main chick, but will she get any respect?

Thankfully, the Basketball Wives newcomer has an identity all her own. CeCe is a registered nurse with quite an impressive career. As she said during her introduction to the show, CeCe worked for a decade in a trauma hospital before opening up her own med spa.

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CeCe admitted that she joined the cast of Basketball Wives in order to try something new. Clearly not afraid to try anything, she believes that she can accomplish whatever she puts her mind to. But will CeCe Gutierrez be able to win over the other women on the show?

With CeCe joining the show, we’ll definitely get to see more about Byron Scott and the divorce drama that is still ongoing between him and his ex-wife Anita Scott. They divorced back in 2014 but they are still battling over money. Anita believes she should still be able to live as comfortably as she did before divorcing Byron.

Anita’s most recent request was for $60,000 a month in spousal support and they’re headed back to court to fight over it, according to The Blast.

She already reportedly received half of Scott’s retirement from the Cleveland Cavaliers but believes he earned even more with the Lakers that she wants a piece of.

She is also reportedly asking for half of Byron Scott’s frequent miles and a whole list of other compensation that she feels she should be entitled to.


In order to prove her point, Anita wants Byron Scott’s girlfriend to testify in court about her relationship. CeCe could be asked questions about the timeline of her relationship with “the love of her life”.

To make things even more dramatic for CeCe Gutierrez’ debut on Basketball Wives, we will get to see much of this battle play out. It most likely won’t make her popular among those who were “real” basketball wives like Tami Roman, who went after Evelyn Lozada last season for sleeping with her man after they were separated.

It wouldn’t be incredibly shocking if Shaunie O’Neal and Jackie Christie turn their backs on this newcomer as well.

All eyes will be on CeCe Gutierrez and Kristen Scott as they both join the Basketball Wives cast at the same time. Kristen is Byron Scott’s daughter-in-law, and her mother-in-law is Anita Scott so there’s no telling yet if these women are going to spar or if they get along.

What is for sure, though, is that there will be drama this season no matter what.

Meet the Cast: CeCe Gutierrez Can Do Anything ?  | Basketball Wives (Season 7)

Basketball Wives airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1.

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