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Bachelorette couple Becca Kufrin and Garret Yrigoyen is seeing a change in their relationship during quarantine

Becca and Garrett
Becca and Garrett are getting to know each other differently in quarantine. Pic credit: ABC

Becca Kufrin and her fiance, Garrett Yrigoyen, are spending their time in isolation.

Like so many others around the country, the two are staying indoors as much as possible.

They are staying inside their Carlsbad, California home and are in isolation with their dog Minno — who they adopted back in August 2019.

The two have lived together for nearly a year and despite traveling together, they are still learning new sides of themselves and their relationship.

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen’s relationship is changing

As it turns out, this isolation is only doing wonders for the couple, according to Becca.

“I think it’s just bringing us together in a different way,” Becca told US Weekly while promoting her podcast, Bachelor Happy Hour.

“This is something that no one I think could have planned or expected and so we’re just adapting in a new way, which is really interesting.

In a lifetime, you live with a partner and you never think you’re going to be locked inside with them 24/7, so it’s us learning to compromise and give each other space when we need it.”

But Becca does admit that they do snap at each other, just like any other couple.

“I can’t even sugar coat it. We’re definitely, there are moments where we kind of snap at each other,” she revealed. “Surprisingly, it hasn’t been as much. He has been keeping me laughing so much.”

Becca also added that Garrett makes the best out of any situation and he’s just so funny, which makes it bearable to be together all the time. She does highlight, however, that they do need some alone time.

Back in December, Monsters & Critics reported that the two have zero wedding plans and are in no rush to get married.

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen overcame hurdles together

It hasn’t been a smooth ride for The Bachelorette couple.

When Garrett was on The Bachelorette, he faced heat in the media for some old social media posts. He would later apologize for them, but he would end up winning Becca’s heart.

On the show, he revealed that he had been married before and he supposedly left his first wife after just six months. There was concern that he would also leave Becca after six months, but the two have worked out their differences.

Plus, they are taking their time and finding their groove together after The Bachelorette — which could be the key to success.

Or, maybe the key to a successful relationship is to adapt to a different life together in quarantine.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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