Bachelor Nation stars support Salley Carson and slam Genevieve Parisi 

Salley Carson
Bachelor Nation stars weren’t happy with how Salley Carson was treated on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: @salleycarson/Instagram

Salley Carson finally made an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 after much anticipation over her arrival. 

However, similar to Salley’s brief appearance on The Bachelor Season 26, her time on Bachelor in Paradise did not last long. 

Upon arrival, Salley was quickly interrogated by The Bachelor Season 26 stars and former enemies Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Ankney. 

Shanae and Genevieve questioned Salley on her interactions with her ex just before coming to paradise, as they suspected she was still hung up on her ex and was only on the show for exposure. 

Salley immediately felt offended by the mentions of her ex on the island and decided she no longer wanted to participate in the show. 

After abruptly leaving, several Bachelor Nation stars took to social media to condemn Genevieve and Shanae’s behavior, with Clay Harbor going so far as to suggest Genevieve is “narcissistic.” 

Bachelor Nation stars react to the ‘bullying’ on Bachelor in Paradise 

Bachelor Nation stars took to Twitter to air their thoughts on the Salley Carson conflict. 

Andrew Spencer, whose journey in paradise is still playing out, tweeted, “That was bullying not cool.” 

Commenters agreed with Andrew’s tweet, including one critic who tagged Genevieve and expressed disappointment in her and Shanae for ganging up against Salley. 

Bachelor Naton tweets
Pic credit: @andrewzspencer/Twitter

Andrew’s cousin Clay Harbor also commented under his tweet with a scathing assessment of Genevieve.

Clay wrote, “I don’t know her but Genevieve gives serious narcotic vibes.” 

Bachelor Naton tweets
Pic credit: @clayharbs82/Twitter

Justin Glaze, who kissed Salley at Stagecoach and was interested in pursuing her in paradise, also took issue with how the ladies on the island targeted Salley. 

He tweeted, “Imagine exerting more effort on someone’s unhappiness than your own happiness??”

Bachelor Naton tweets
Pic credit: @Justin_Glaze/Twitter

Zachary Reality also tweeted that Justin was reportedly “livid” and “had salleys back the whole time she was there.” 

Bachelor Naton tweets
Pic credit: @zacharyreality/Twitter

Kira Mengistu gives Salley Carson respect 

Kira, who made a surprise reappearance on Tuesday night’s episode, had an interesting perspective on Salley’s brief appearance in paradise. She suggested Salley got a lot of perks out of the situation in a short amount of time. 

Kira tweeted, “Salley got the most bang for her buck from the Bachelor franchise: plenty of hype, plenty of screen time, very little actual on-site time invested. Respect.” 

Bachelor Naton tweets
Pic credit: @KiraMengistu/Twitter

Time will tell if Salley, Genevieve, and Shanae speak further on the confrontation after all the Bachelor Nation backlash.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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1 year ago

Genevieve Parisi is a total narcissist, if the world did not see that, then READ-UP on the trait! Good for Aaron for having the strength & courage to walk away from evil. Tell her to take her ‘finger-pointing’ and you know what!!!