Bachelor in Paradise viewers were blindsided by Aaron and Tia

Aaron Clancy shocked Bachelor in Paradise viewers by declaring his feelings for Bachelor Nation alum Tia Booth at the Paradise Prom. Pic credit: ABC

Despite all the drama that ignited between Aaron Clancy and Ivan Hall over Chelsea Vaughn’s rose, Aaron shocked Bachelor in Paradise fans by ending the episode pursuing a new love interest, Bachelor Nation alum Tia Booth.

Both Chelsea and BIP viewers were blindsided by Aaron and Tia

With the last days on the beach rolling in, the islanders are celebrating one last hurrah with the Paradise Prom.

During the 80’s themed event, Aaron does something that no one in Paradise sees coming, and that’s pull Tia Booth aside to talk.

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Watching the interaction play in front of her very eyes, it’s clear both Chelsea and fans were confused with Aaron’s actions.

Attaching a photo of the New York model rolling her eyes, one critic wrote, “When Aaron randomly goes to make out with Tia after nearly getting into a fist fight over Chelse less than 24 hours prior.”

During the interaction, Aaron confessed to Tia that he refused to leave Paradise with regrets and gifted her a corsage.

After spending the romantic event watching the established couples slow dance, the gesture hit home with Tia and ended in a heated makeout session.

“Did not see that coming,” Tia told producers in her confessional. “That made me feel special, for someone to pull me aside and tell me they like me. Definitely didn’t think we were gonna kiss. But we did and it was nice.”

Tia wasn’t the only one who didn’t see it coming, most Bachelor in Paradise viewers were in accordance that the Aaron/Tia connection was something most didn’t see coming.

Some viewers felt Aaron pursued Tia late minute due to his loyalty to James

However, fans have another theory on why Aaron waited so long to pursue the Arkansas native.

Before Aaron made his move, Tia previously gave her rose to Aaron’s right hand man on the beach, James Bonsall.

The bromance between James and Aaron has been one of the strongest relationships on the beach and James proved his loyalty to Aaron after his intense fight with Ivan.

James had been unlucky with his previous connections and it wasn’t until late-comer to the beach, Anna Redman, changed his luck.

With James now in a happy connection, Aaron felt it was now okay to pursue Tia.

Tune into Bachelor In Paradise to see what happens next between Aaron and Tia.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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