Will Chelsea Vaughn choose Ivan Hall or Aaron Clancy on Bachelor in Paradise?

Chelsea Vaught and Ivan Hall lay down
Chelsea Vaughn gets caught in a heated love triangle on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Chelsea Vaughn may have arrived late on Bachelor in Paradise but she still managed to have two men quite literally fighting for her. 

With only a few women’s roses up in the air, Aaron Clancy and Ivan Hall did their best to win Chelsea over and hopefully receive her rose during the upcoming rose ceremony.

Tensions were high between Aaron and Ivan and the tension will only get higher once Chelsea finally makes her choice between them. So who is Chelsea leaning towards?

Aaron Clancy walks the walk for Chelsea Vaughn

Previously, Chelsea had used her date card to take Aaron out because he had a reputation of being funny and fun to be around. 

Chelsea and Aaron hit it off during their horseback riding date and Aaron gave Chelsea his rose during the men’s rose ceremony. 

With the women now having the power, Aaron aimed to continue making a good impression on Chelsea during the daytime cocktail party. Knowing Chelsea is a successful runway model, Aaron asked Chelsea to judge his own catwalk as a lighthearted way to bond.

The striking model admitted to really enjoying her chats with Aaron and it seemed Aaron felt secure in his connection with Chelsea and confident that he would receive her rose. 

Ivan Hall tries to swoop in on Chelsea 

After Aaron showered Chelsea with compliments and kisses, Ivan Hall ended up pulling Chelsea aside in what seemed to be a final effort for a rose. 

Initially, it seemed that Chelsea had friend-zoned Ivan by calling him her “homie” but when Chelsea asked Ivan if he ever thought about her, Ivan confessed to having a lot of thoughts about her and finding her to be beautiful and the whole package. 

At the end of their conversation, Ivan went in for the kiss and Chelsea happily reciprocated, which could possibly increase Ivan’s chance at receiving a rose. 

However, Aaron witnessed Ivan and Chelsea’s whole exchange and was immediately irate. This also isn’t the first time that Aaron has had to watch the woman he was talking to kiss and connect with another man so he was particularly triggered. 

The episode ended with Aaron and Ivan in a heated confrontation with one another that is sure to boil over in next week’s episode. 

With an important rose ceremony fast approaching, Chelsea will have to address this love triangle and officially choose who she most wants to be with. Fortunately, Chelsea is no stranger to going after what she wants in a man.

Aaron and Ivan have both shot their shot and we’ll have to tune in next week to see which one scores Chelsea’s rose. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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