Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: One of Katie Thurston’s guys found a connection on BIP

Thomas Jacobs sits with Quartney Mixon on the couch
Katie’s men go on a sultry group date. Pic credit: ABC

There’s unexpected love brewing in paradise! As more of Katie’s men are eliminated from her season of The Bachelorette, we get further insight into which of these men will show up on Bachelor in Paradise. 

One of the men rumored to join BIP is Thomas Jacobs who was brutally eliminated on the latest episode of The Bachelorette after quickly becoming a villain in the house. 

Despite developing an untrustworthy reputation, that doesn’t seem to have hurt Thomas’s ability to find love in paradise. 

Thomas Jacobs falls for a former Bachelorette 

Reality Steve recently dropped a major spoiler that Thomas ends up getting into a relationship with former Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin while on the summer spinoff. 

Becca was another surprising name to see on the BIP casting rumors list both because she just ended her engagement last year and because she will be the first ever person to join BIP after having been a lead Bachelorette. 

While some couples date briefly on the island, that doesn’t appear to be the case for Thomas and Becca. Reality Steve has reported that the two make it far and get a lot of screen time. 

Allegedly, the couple gets “heavily involved” but they don’t go the distance. 

According to Reality Steve, Becca breaks up with Thomas right before the finale, meaning Thomas will face yet another difficult break up on national television. 

Thomas recovers from an embarrassing elimination on The Bachelorette 

Before Thomas Jacobs, was savagely eliminated on the latest episode, he appeared to be a front runner for Katie and was viewed as a “prince charming”. 

However, Thomas revealed his ulterior motives behind coming on the show, admitting to having thought about potentially being the Bachelor, something Nick Viall claims every man on The Bachelorette thinks about

A common thought or not, Thomas making this confession did not sit well with the men in the house nor Katie. 

For the second time this season, a large majority of men in the house banded together to aid in sending a man home, first doing so with Karl Smith due to his iffy accusations, and now Thomas Jacobs. 

The men informed Katie of Thomas having a duplicitous and manipulative nature as well as exposing his insincere intentions. Many of the men believed that Thomas was just a sweet talker and was bound to hurt Katie in the long run. 

Thomas attempted to have alone time with Katie and convince her that his feelings have become more serious and sincere since meeting her, and while Katie was clearly attracted to him, she eventually saw through the facade and decided to trust the men about Thomas having questionable character. 

In one of the more harsh eliminations, Katie called Thomas’s name during the rose ceremony only to reveal that he was not getting a rose. She instead told Thomas he’s a liar and that his “bachelor audition” ends now before demanding that he get out. 

Thomas left silently, no longer trying to sweet-talk his way out of a sticky situation and, while that moment could be humiliating, Thomas appears to be taking the embarrassing elimination in stride and still has love for The Bachelorette fans.

When Bachelor in Paradise airs this summer, we’ll see if Thomas has cleaned up his act for Becca or if he gets further exposed. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday, August 16 at 8/7c on ABC.

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