Bachelor in Paradise: Sierra Jackson releases private DMs after Danielle Maltby shades her on podcast

Danielle Maltby and Sierra Jackson
Sierra Jackson responds after Danielle Maltby shades her on the Off The Vine podcast. Pic credit: ABC

There’s no doubting Bachelor in Paradise contestant Michael Allio has caused quite a stir between his two love interests, Sierra Jackson and Danielle Maltby.

Michael first sparked up a connection with Sierra during the beginning episodes of Season 8, and even though they seemed to have a strong connection, Michael revealed he didn’t see a future with her after their few days together.

Danielle, a fellow widower who is closer to Michael’s age, was then brought in by Wells Adams to potentially spark up a romance with Michael. BIP fans have watched their connection grow over the past few weeks, and viewers can most likely expect to see them leave the beach together during the upcoming finale episodes.

However, Sierra was clearly hurt by Michael’s 180 when it came to his feelings for her, and she was vocal on social media about her self-elimination by saying she left “confused and upset.”

Danielle was a recent guest on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off The Vine podcast, where the two shaded Sierra’s response to her saying she was led on by Michael.

For starters, they didn’t even say her name specifically — Sierra was simply referenced as “What’s her face.”

Bachelor in Paradise’s Danielle Maltby shades Sierra Jackson on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast

Although it was Kaitlyn who did most of the talking, the two discussed how Danielle and Michael seemed to have had no drama on Bachelor in Paradise — other than the fact that Sierra was upset with him for allegedly leading her on when, perhaps, he may have known the show had Danielle waiting for him.

After Sierra claimed she had “receipts” on Twitter, Danielle and Kaitlyn first urged her to share them.

Sierra Jackson's tweet
Pic credit: @SierraJackzen/Twitter

Danielle continued on the topic, “It’s been a little frustrating. But if this is someone that you really cared so much about, like, you know and respect, why are you,” to which Kaitlyn finished, “s**ting on his happiness.”

“But good luck on your single that you just released after you tweeted something crappy,” Danielle followed with, insinuating that Sierra was trying to stir up drama in order to boost her music career.

She continued, “We’re all trying to make our way out here just don’t try and bring someone else down in the process.”

Sierra Jackson responds to Danielle with private DMs

Of course, Sierra wasn’t going to let the situation slide without giving her own response.

She shared direct messages that she was sent on Instagram in regard to Danielle’s appearance on the podcast, implying that she agreed with what the messages had said.

One message read, “They were basically invalidating any feelings you had even though both of them were not present for your conversations with Michael. Seriously f**k them and I was disgusted by how these two white women got together to s**t on a black women, especially Kaitlyn who has never met you, and also Danielle who claims [to] be all about equality and women empowerment.”

Sierra Jackson's tweets
Pic credit: @SierraJackzen/Twitter

She made sure to tag both Danielle and Kaitlyn’s Twitter handles in the post, along with the caption, “Leaving these here.”

Fans can tune in to the reunion episodes next week for a potential update on the situation.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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