Sierra Jackson speaks out and defends Michael Allio after self-eliminating on Bachelor in Paradise 

Sierra Jackson
Sierra Jackson is keeping her head up after a heart-wrenching BIP split. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise returned this week, and while there wasn’t a rose ceremony, there was an elimination. 

Sierra Jackson, who first appeared on The Bachelor Season 26 with Clayton Echard, chose to end her journey on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. 

At the start of the season, Sierra hit it off with The Bachelorette Season 17 fan favorite Michael Allio. 

Sierra had her sights set on Michael from the jump, and the two quickly coupled up, with Michael giving Sierra his rose during the first rose ceremony of the season.

However, this week Michael began to feel that something was missing in his relationship with Sierra.

Michael acknowledged that Sierra was an amazing and beautiful woman, but his past made him guarded and not ready to move as fast as Sierra in their relationship. 

Michael told Sierra he wanted just to be friends, and after the emotional exchange, Sierra bid her goodbyes to the rest of the cast and left the island.

Now, Sierra has taken to social media to share more about her decision to leave and urge fans to respect Michael’s choices. 

Sierra Jackson left paradise ‘confused & upset’ 

Sierra took to her Instagram Stories to release a statement after Bachelor in Paradise aired its fourth episode. 

The statement began with Sierra declaring that she was okay and well and that she left the show because she was self-aware enough to know staying wouldn’t be in her best interest.

Sierra wrote, “I left very confused & upset but was able to gain clarity & understanding through time.” 

Before her split from Michael, Sierra began discussing being a stepmom to Michael’s son James and made several thoughtful gestures to honor Michael’s late wife, Laura.

Sierra addressed those who might think her actions came on too strong in her statement. 

She wrote, “Some may think I came on strong but remember, you have one month… & a day feels like a week in paradise.” Having grown up with a single parent, Sierra explained that she knew she’d have to be 100% ready to show up for Michael as a parent. 

Sierra shared how people get hurt “when you go into things unsure or without communicating & thinking things through,” which motivated her to leave. 

Sierra also expressed not wanting to be in a love triangle or use another man on the beach to get over Michael. 

Feeling proud of how she conducted herself, Sierra wrote, “I’m proud I didn’t hold back, I showed up as myself, & stayed true to my character by leaving.”

Sierra concluded the statement with positivity, believing God makes everything happen for a reason and blessings come in disguise. 

Sierra Jackson's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @sierrajackzen/Instagram

Sierra Jackson validates Michael Allio’s choices and feelings 

Sierra also reshared one of her tweets on her Instagram Stories. 

Sierra thanked her supporters in the tweet and came to Michael’s defense. 

She wrote, “I will say, Michael is a grown man that will make decisions he feels are best for him and his family. His choices & feelings are valid & the vision he may have for his future is as well. Let’s respect that. Redirection is beautiful. TRUST ;).” 

Sierra Jackson's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @sierrajackzen/Instagram

Michael has remained on the island so far, so viewers will have to stay tuned to see how his journey on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 plays out. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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