Bachelor in Paradise fans weigh in on whether Peter Weber should be on the show

Peter Weber
Will Peter Weber be on Paradise? Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber, a pilot and fan favorite during Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, had a different outcome after his season as the leading man on The Bachelor.

As viewers watched and critiqued Peter during his season of the show, fans were unimpressed by his actions and how he went about the season.

From choosing Hannah Ann Sluss, and then breaking up with her to giving it another go with his runner-up, Madison Prewett, who had walked away from the show, to allowing his mom, Barb, to be so involved, Peter received major backlash. He then tried another chance with another contestant, Kelley Flanagan, and even Hannah Brown again.

But now there is even more speculation and gossip regarding Pilot Pete as contestants are getting ready to head to Mexico to begin filming Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise.

Fans are voting on whether or not they want Peter Weber on Paradise

According to podcaster Erin Hill, there’s been a great deal of talk lately surrounding Peter going to the beach in search of love. But not all Bachelor Nation fans are in favor of this.

In fact, according to her survey, way more viewers would rather Peter stay home and not go to Paradise than grace the franchise with another appearance. On Erin’s Instagram Story, the percentage was listed at 68% of fans saying no to Peter coming to Paradise, and only 32% wanting him there.

Podcaster Erin Hill had a poll on whether Peter Weber should go on Bachelor in Paradise.
Pic credit: @getncozywitherin/Instagram

What are other viewers saying about Peter?

Many fans were saying no to Peter going on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, but one fan had a good reason on why he shouldn’t when she claimed, “Nope he needs to Keep his new job because we have a pilot shortage.”

A couple of others are praying he will be in attendance and stated he would definitely have fun if nothing else.

Fans debate whether or not Peter Weber should go on Bachelor in Paradise.
Pic credit: @getncozywitherin/Instagram

Other viewers said yes to bringing him on for the drama if nothing else because he would be hilarious and entertaining. One even stated, “[I] probably wouldn’t wanna see him there other than for some drama. [Like] if they brought some of his exes onto the beach too.” Peter’s exes coming on to the beach would surely bring a great deal of controversy and confrontations.

One viewer thinks it'd be hilarious if. they brought on Peter and a bunch of his exes.
Pic credit: @getncozywitherin/Instagram

One critic said, “Hard pass,” when asked if she wanted to see Peter on the beach, and another made an assumption about his mom, Barb, as she claimed, “His mom would push her way on too!! No thank you!! I love BIP and he wouldn’t be fun to watch!”

Another was Team Peter as she declared, “He should attempt to try to find love on paradise.”

One critic thinks Peter's mom would have to come on the show, too.
Pic credit: @getncozywitherin/Instagram

While viewers were mixed in the comment section, it seems that most Bachelor Nation fans would rather Peter not be on this fall’s season of Bachelor in Paradise.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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9 months ago

No way on Peter! Unless you bring Shane from Clayton’s season. Let her do her fake act on Peter then letting Mommy Barbara know she won’t be at her beckon call.