Bachelor fans think Ethan Kang just announced he will be the next co-Bachelor with this contestant

Ethan Kang
Ethan Kang may have revealed he is the next co-Bachelor. Pic credit: @ethankang1/Instagram

Ethan Kang has been talked about a lot lately, ever since he spoke his mind about Tino Franco’s behavior after he didn’t get a group date rose.

Now he has sparked Bachelor Nation discussion once again, but for a different reason.

Not only was Ethan shirtless with his ear against a wall as he heard knocking from the other side, but then the camera switched over to who was knocking on the other side.

Fans watched as Nate Mitchell then came onto the screen, also shirtless, and the caption read “Come on this journey with me.”

After seeing the video, fans have begun more speculation within Bachelor Nation about these two men becoming the next Bachelors.

Recently, Jesse Palmer was seen on a podcast discussing the fact that he could see there being two Bachelors in the near future since this season with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia as co-Bachelorettes went well.

Ethan Kang and Nate Mitchell – the next Bachelors?

On his TikTok account, Ethan posted the video of both he and Nate, and now fans are talking.

While Ethan just caught the attention of fans after calling Tino a “baby back b***h,” he is now causing a stir with them wondering if this video is meaning something more, and he could possibly be the first Asian Bachelor.

After having co-Bachelorettes this season, viewers have been wondering and asking if there will be two leading men next, or in the near future. Well, could this be Bachelor Nation’s low-key answer?

Bachelor Nation reacts to Ethan Kang’s TikTok

One user immediately questioned, “Ethan and Nate as our next bachelors??” After seeing that, Ethan himself responded with a who knows emoji.

Ethan acts secretive when asked if he will be one of the next Bachelors.
Pic credit: @ethankang1/TikTok

Another fan stated, “What does it meaaaan,” while others thought Double Bachelor or potentially Bachelor in Paradise contestants as the season progresses.

Others wonder if there will be a double Bachelor season.
Pic credit: @ethankang1/TikTok

Two other viewers wrote, “stoppppp playing with us. I can’t handle it,” and another claimed, “Stop we love this too much.”

One person even tagged @zacharyreality to see if he knew something about this news, and he reacted by declaring, “Imagine they are the two bachelors.”

One fan asks Zachary Reality if he knows anything.
Pic credit: @ethankang1/TikTok

After seeing this clip, Bachelor Nation wants to know if this is, in fact, a hint that the next season of The Bachelor will have two leading men for the season.

Whether or not Ethan and Nate will be the next co-Bachelors is still up in the air, but it sounds like many fans would definitely be on board with the decision.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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