Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt from Bachelor in Paradise welcome first baby

Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt
Bachelor in Paradise couple Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt welcomed their first baby into the world. Here’s how the Bachelor Nation stars broke the news. Pic credit: @astridloch/Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise couple Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt have welcomed their baby into the world.

The couple shared the day their bundle of joy was born as well as a couple of adorable snaps of the newborn.

Astrid took to Instagram to reveal the big news. In the picture, Astrid holds her baby’s tiny hand in a way that strategically blocks their face.

The baby wears a cozy cream-colored, thermal cotton set and lies against a backdrop that reads, “You are my sunshine.”

In the caption of the post, Astrid revealed when her baby was born and why she waited to share the news.

She wrote, “My whole world. Born 11/20/2021 & finally home with the rest of the @thewendtgang ?. Sorry to keep you all waiting, just had to soak this moment up for ourselves first.”

The pair hasn’t revealed the name or sex of their baby. They both had discussed and agreed they wouldn’t know the sex of their baby until they were born so they likely needed some time to decide on a name once they found out.

They also kept their name options a secret — even to their own families.

Kevin Wendt welcomes his baby into the world

Kevin uploaded his own post to celebrate his baby’s arrival.

He too uploaded a picture that protected their baby’s face. In the picture, Kevin holds his baby’s head as they adorable lie across his arm.

The baby wears a black onesie and brown hat, posed in front of a collection of bedtime stories and a wall that has a sign that says, “One more bedtime story.”

Kevin used the post to show gratitude for Astrid’s efforts and express love for his newborn.

“November 20th 2:02am @astridloch made my dreams come true,” he captioned the post. “She is my absolute hero for everything she went through the last 2 days in the hospital, and the last 2 years doing everything it took to get this perfect munchkin into the @thewendtgang ? I never thought a love like this existed”

Astrid and Kevin have been open about their IVF journey

They used IVF hashtags in the posts celebrating the birth of their baby and this isn’t anything new.

Astrid and Kevin have been very upfront and vulnerable about their journey with IVF. Astrid revealed that she wanted to be honest with her fanbase.

While she feels other people try to act like the journey to motherhood is all sunshine and rainbows, she wanted to share her imperfect story.

They also wanted to raise awareness around IVF and inspire and empower others who struggle with the same issues.

Fortunately, it worked out for the best, and Astrid and Kevin’s newborn seems happy and healthy.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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