Ashley Jones shares favorite thing about filming Teen Mom 2, why she feels ‘undermined’

Ashley Jones of Teen Mom 2
Ashley Jones opened up about her favorite and least favorite things about filming for Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: MTV

Ashley Jones opened up to her fans about the pros and cons of filming Teen Mom 2.

After Teen Mom 2 veteran Chelsea Houska walked away from the franchise last year after 10 seasons, Ashley Jones replaced her spot on the cast.

Ashley was previously a cast member on Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant before graduating to Teen Mom 2 this season.

Ashley’s fiance Bar Smith and their three-year-old daughter Holly joined the cast, and cameras followed their journey this season on Teen Mom 2.

The 24-year-old California resident answered some fan questions over the weekend in an Instagram Q&A on her Stories.

Ashley Jones reveals favorite thing about filming Teen Mom 2

One of Ashley’s fans asked her, “What are your favorite and least favorite things about being on teen mom?”

When it comes to her favorite part of filming for Teen Mom 2, Ashley revealed that she appreciates documenting her family’s story.

ashley jones of teen mom 2 shared with fans what she enjoys and dislikes about filming the show
Pic credit: @ashleysiren/Instagram

“I love the fact that I will have footage of Holly growing up and our family growing,” Ashley explained.

However, when it comes to growing her family, Ashley has been fending off pregnancy rumors for months. After purposely gaining 40 pounds, Ashley has been bombarded with questions about expanding her family.

Last month, Ashley told her followers that they wouldn’t know about it even if she did become pregnant because she intends to keep that part of her life under wraps due to all of the unwarranted attention she’s received.

She recently told her fans and critics, “I appreciate everyone being concerned lol, but I am def not pregnant.”

“Just 40 lbs heavier and happy about it . You can expect to spend 2021-24 without seeing a pregnancy announcement ❤,” Ashley added.

Although Ashley appreciates having footage of her family, she also shared her least favorite part of filming for Teen Mom 2.

Ashley Jones’ least favorite thing about Teen Mom 2

It seems that the attention Ashley receives from her Teen Mom 2 fame comes with expectations from fans and critics that can be tough to handle.

“I hate the fact that people want you to grow and mature but then when you do they bring up the past and use that as a reason to undermine everything else,” Ashley shared.

Speaking of Ashley’s past, she opened up to her Teen Mom 2 castmate Kail Lowry earlier this year on her podcast, Coffee Convos.

Ashley divulged that she and Bar were homeless and lived in a trap house while she was pregnant with Holly. Ashley also recounted her past working as a stripper.

These days, however, Ashley has completely turned her life around and is currently focusing on raising Holly while she promotes her new beauty salon, Aries Beauty Studio.

Ashley has also earned her medical assistant certification and recently graduated from community college with an Associate of Science degree in Nursing, which she plans to incorporate into her salon someday.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

All episodes of Teen Mom 2 are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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