Ashley Jones responds to Teen Mom 2 fans who wonder if she quit nursing school to open a beauty salon

Ashley Jones of Teen Mom 2
Ashley Jones responded to curious Teen Mom 2 fans who asked whether she dropped out of nursing school. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 fans are curious whether Ashley Jones is still pursuing her nursing career amid her new beauty salon opening.

Ashley recently announced that she and her friend Jessica have opened a salon named Aries Beauty Studio.

Located in Modesto, California, Ashley’s salon will offer facials, body contouring, waxing, and teeth whitening services.

There will also be a retail space for the salon’s clients to do some shopping before and after their appointments, as Monsters & Critics previously reported.

Ashley first announced her plans to open a beauty studio this past summer, and has since announced a major step in opening its doors.

Teen Mom 2’s Ashley Jones shares big step to opening her beauty salon

On Friday, October 22, Ashley shared a post on her Instagram page announcing that she and Jessica got their long-awaited company sign on the front of the business, along with their logos.

“WE DID IT JOE !!! Seeing the sign go up makes this feel official,” Ashley wrote as her caption, along with a pic of her and Jessica in front of the salon.

In the pic, Jessica held a bottle of champagne while Ashley stood across from her, holding two champagne flutes in her hands, both of them looking excited.

Ashley later took to her Instagram Stories to answer some fan questions and some were curious about what happened to Ashley pursuing her nursing degree now that she’s opening a salon.

Did Ashley Jones quit nursing school?

“Why did you quit nursing school[?] also I love your family ❤,” asked one of Ashley’s fans during her Instagram Q&A.

ashley jones answered fans about her nursing career amid opening a beauty salon
Ashley explained her nursing school plans to a fan. Pic credit: @ashleysiren/Instagram

Ashley, who is the newest cast member on Teen Mom 2, answered her fan’s question, which she said is a common one, and explained her plans for the future.

“I actually see this question a lot,” Ashley said. “‘Didn’t she go to school for nursing?’ Yes I did, I have my associates and I do plan to transfer.”

Ashley then explained that she hopes to incorporate her medical background into the salon eventually.

“My dream is one day to add med spa to the title of my salon,” Ashley revealed.

ashley jones answered fan questions about her new salon and nursing career on instagram
Ashley answered questions about her new salon. Pic credit: @ashleysiren/Instagram

As far as Aries Beauty Studio’s grand opening, Ashley and Jessica are aiming for January to welcome their first customers.

And when it comes to having customers who are also fans of Teen Mom 2, Ashley made it clear that her beauty studio is a professional studio and she wants it treated as such.

One fan asked Ashley, “do you mind if fans come into your salon to meet u? and pay for the services of [course]…”

Ashley, who recently wrapped filming for the Teen Mom spinoff show, explained that she didn’t mind fans coming in, but wants them to remember that she’s not there to give any tea to the tabloids.

“No but I want people to understand that it is my place of business and I take it very serious,” Ashley responded. “I want [customers] who love what we do, not people who come to report to the tea pages.”

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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