Ashley Jones and Bar Smith get tattoos at 2 am on Hollywood Boulevard

Ashley Jones & Bar Smith
Ashley Jones and Bar Smith get tattoos together. Pic credit: MTV

Ashley Jones and Bar Smith have come a long way in the past months. Fans watched them struggle and then come together during the Teen Mom Family Reunion special.

Teen Mom viewers saw as Ashley sat and talked with Cheyenne Floyd about how they had recently tied the knot after being together for years and having one child, Holly, together.

However, as fans watched, it didn’t seem Ashley was too confident in the marriage moving forward because she and Bar were having quite a few issues.

But after meeting with Dr. Bryant in couples therapy during the reunion show, it seems that Bar and Ashley have both really been working on themselves individually and as a couple. Ashley has been posting videos and pictures of her and Bar a lot lately via Instagram. In fact, they just recently got tattoos together.

What tattoos did Teen Mom 2 couple Ashley Jones and Bar Smith get, and where did they get inked?

Ashley posted two videos, and two photos, on her Instagram page yesterday of her and Bar both getting tattoos together.

The crazy part … it was at 2 a.m., and was a last-second decision for them to go into the tattoo parlor to get these particular tattoos.

Ashley captioned her videos and photos by saying, “Stumbled across a tattoo place at 2 a.m. on Hollywood Blvd (laughing/crying emoji).” Unfortunately, the Instagram video and pictures were deleted, but not before The Sun captured it.

As the tattoo artist got ready to start Ashley’s tattoo, she stared into the camera, her make-up on point, and didn’t even flinch as the man began outlining the tattoo. This was especially notable because of the tender spot in which Ashley got her tattoo – on the bone right behind her ear.

After the short video clip of the tattoo getting started, Ashley showed off her finished product. She got a lower-case cursive h with a heart next to it, predictably to symbolize her daughter with Bar, Holly.

The second video was of Bar, in a multi-colored leather jacket and black ball cap, sitting in the tattoo chair as a man tattooed his new ink onto the side of his hand.

While we don’t know exactly what Bar got, he portrayed it in the second photo on the Instagram post made by Ashley. The mark looks like a Chinese symbol, but what it stands for, they did not say.

How are Ashley and Bar doing as a couple?

As Teen Mom 2 fans continue to watch this season of the show, it started out a bit rocky, with Ashley wondering if she and Bar were going to make it or if they were on the road to facing divorce.

However, after the latest episode, it appeared that both Bar and Ashley were willing to put in the work to keep their marriage alive. Also, per their social media, it appears that the couple has done just that and is doing better than ever and just celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary.

To see the full video of Ashley getting a tattoo captured by The Sun click here.

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