Teen Mom 2: Bar Smith and Ashley Jones celebrate their 1 year wedding anniversary

Ashley Jones & Bar Smith
Ashley Jones & Bar Smith celebrate 1 year of marriage. Pic credit: MTV

Ashley Jones and Bar Smith of Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom Family Reunion have had their share of difficulties over the years.

As fans listened to Ashley and Bar during their therapy session with Dr. Bryant on the Reunion show, they saw things from the perspectives of both individuals.

Bar has had some issues from his past that has left him feeling inadequate and unable to finish tasks, with the mindset that he shouldn’t be able to succeed.

On the other hand, Ashley has struggled with Bar not finishing what he starts and feeling like he wants to fail, all while dealing with her own inability to put her full trust in him. However, since the Reunion special, the two seem stronger than ever.

Ashley Jones and Bar Smith are celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary

The couple just celebrated their one-year anniversary of marriage and made a TikTok to celebrate, being sure to share it on Instagram. Fans could really feel their love as they watched the clips put together of Bar, Ashley, the couple together, and their daughter, Holly.

Bar took to the video and captioned it with, “1 year married, and almost 8 together with a life time to go. Couldn’t have asked to do this with anyone else, thank you for being here to do this thing called life. Happy Anniversary. 4.4.2021 #TheSmiths.” He also incorporated some red heart emojis throughout.

In the video, Bar and Ashley supporters saw the duo eating out, spending time together, smiling, drinking and taking shots, laughing, taking photos, acting silly, and hanging out with their daughter.

Teen Mom 2 has shown the couple struggling

In the current season of Teen Mom 2, Ashley and Bar are struggling as a married couple. Ashley has been pondering divorce and has been upset with her parents and sister pestering her for answers and what she plans on doing.

She has been trying to tell everyone that she doesn’t know what will happen and that she has been trying to figure things out on her own and for herself and Holly.

Their relationship got better with their therapy session with Dr. Bryant on TMFR

Ashley also revealed to Cheyenne Floyd, another Teen Mom alum from Teen Mom OG on the Teen Mom Family Reunion spinoff, that she and Bar had gotten married prior to the special.

However, before their therapy session with Dr. Bryant, Ashley seemed wishy-washy on whether she and Bar would truly make it and stay married because they’d been having troubles.

After being together, on and off, for about seven years, and married now for one, the couple has seemed to get past their controversy, obstacles, and difficulties and have begun to understand each other better. The Smiths appear to be here to stay and have made it.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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