Ariana Grande responds to her team’s elimination from The Voice Season 21

Ariana Grande with Jim & Sasha Allen on The Voice
Ariana Grande with Jim & Sasha Allen on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

When Ariana Grande came onto The Voice, there were fears that she would dominate the competition because of her 280 million Instagram followers.

It didn’t happen.

Not only did Ariana not dominate, but so few of her fans voted that she is now completely eliminated from Season 21 when her final contestants went home on Tuesday night.

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After the final elimination, Ariana posted a message on Instagram and gave thanks to all her talented singers.

Ariana Grande responds to The Voice elimination

The Voice is all about the best singers moving on. No rule says a coach has to have someone in the finals, and Ariana Grande learned that the hard way when she lost everyone on her team before the finals.

Jim and Sasha Allen were the last of Ariana’s team to go home.

After the elimination, Ariana thanked everyone with a long message.

“It is a season wrap for team ariana ! i AM BURSTING with pride for jim and sasha and all of everyone from #teamariana,” she wrote. “to have met & worked with such brilliant artsts is the greatest gift and honor of all of this.

“i can’t believe there wasn’t a time i didn’t know you all.”

She then promised that this is justr the start and she would be there for them all in the future as they further their careers.

“Not one moment of this has been wasy on any of you mentally, physically, vocally” Ariana wrote. “here’s to a gorgeous new chapter for you all. thank you for changing my life for the better.”

She finished the note by thanking everyone who has been kind and supportive of her team during The Voice Season 21.

Ariana Grande’s The Voice Season 21 journey

What has to hurt is that the original Team Ariana has a singer in the finals.

Hailey Mia joined Team Ariana in the Blind Auditions, but Ariana chose Raquel Trinidad over Hailey in the Battles Round. Kelly Clarkson chose to steal Hailey after that, and now she is in the finals.

When the playoffs rolled around, Team Ariana had Raquel Trinidad, Jim & Sasha Allen, Bella DeNapoli, Ryleigh Plank, and Holly Forbes on her team.

After the first fan vote, she lost two in the playoffs, with Trinidad going home. In the Wildcard, fans saved Hailey Mia and sent home both DeNapolli and Vaughn Mugol (who had received a fan save to return).

In the Top 13, Plank was in the Bottom 3 and went home when fans saved Gymani.

In the Top 10, Ariana lost Holly Forbes when fans saved Jershika Maple, and she was left with only Jim & Sasha Allen.

Fans saved Jershika again in the semi-finals, which sent home Jim & Sasha to eliminate Ariana Grande completely from the competition.

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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