Ariana Grande’s team is almost gone on The Voice Season 21

Ariana Grande with her Voice team
Ariana Grande with her Voice team. Pic credit: NBC

When Ariana Grande joined The Voice, there was concern that her team would dominate the competition, even before she chose it.

Team Ariana had her legion of fans behind them, and that total dwarfed the social media following of her fellow coaches.

With competitors like Ryleigh Plank, Bella DeNapoli, Katie Rae, Hailey Mia, Jim & Sasha Allen, and Raquel Trinidad, it looked like Team Ariana was the team to beat.

That all changed quickly.

Team Ariana decimated throughout The Voice

Hailey Mia faced off with Raquel Trinidad in the Battle Rounds.

Ariana chose Raquel and Kelly Clarkson jumped in and stole Hailey, saving the teenage singer. That backfired on Ariana when Raquel was eliminated in the Playoffs and Hailey Mia is still alive on Team Kelly.

In the second round of the playoffs, Ariana lost both Bella DeNapoli and Vaughn Mugol, when fans chose to save Hailey Mia over both of them.

In the Top 13, Ariana lost Ryleigh Plank when she was in the bottom three and lost out to Gymani.

In the Top 10 round, Ariana lost Holly Forbes, one of the best singers on her team.

With all that, there is only one competitor left on Team Ariana.

Ariana’s last hope to win The Voice Season 21

Ariana only has one competitor left on The Voice Season 21, and her chances to win are small.

Jim & Sasha Allen, the father and son duo, are all that Ariana has left to make the finals. If she loses them in the semi-finals, Ariana Grande will not make it to the finals at all.

While Ariana is down to only one chance, Kelly Clarkson has two chances with Girl Named Tom and Hailey Mia, John Legend has two with Joshua Vacanti and Jershika Maple, and Blake Shelton has three with Wendy Moten, Lana Scott, and Paris Winningham.

Right now, the odds-on favorites to win would be Girl Named Tom or Wendy Moten, although Lana Scott will bring in the country voters, and Hailey Mia has gained a lot of fans thanks to her immense talent at such a young age.

Jim & Sasha Allen shouldn’t be counted out. They have great harmony together and their story, with Sasha as the first transgender contestant to make it to The Voice semifinals, could play into his votes.

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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