Ariana Grande reacts to The Voice rumors that one of her singers made her cry

Ariana Grande on The Voice
Ariana Grande on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

This is Ariana Grande‘s first season as a coach on The Voice and she comes into the show with a lot of fans.

This means that rumors might spread a lot faster than normal, especially when people think someone did something wrong to the pop singer.

That happened this week when footage leaked that made it seem that one of Grande’s singers, Chavon Rodgers, did something to upset Ariana and make her cry.

Now, Ariana is talking about the situation.

Did Chavon make Ariana cry during The Voice practices?

There was a promo for The Voice Battles where Chavon Rodgers went head-to-head with David Vogel.

One moment in that promo had fans jumping to the conclusion that Chavon did something to hurt Ariana’s feelings.

Chavon Rodgers posted a clip of him choosing Ariana and her excitement at his choice.

In a comment to the post, someone wrote “There’s a rumor that said u were disrespectful to Ariana, is that true??”

Chavon Rodgers IG 2
Pic credit: @chavonrodgers/Instagram

Someone then responded and said that there was someone in the audience and Chavon did something to make her cry, and they weren’t sure if it would make the air.

Ariana Grande was there to respond.

“Absolutely not,” Ariana wrote. “It was a funny, innocent moment (you will see it) and there is absolutely so much mutual respect and love here. thank you for caring and loving so fiercely but chavon is the KINDEST! rest assured, please.”

Chavon Rodgers IG
Pic credit: @chavonrodgers/Instagram

That should put an end to that rumor, but if Ariana Grande’s fans are as fierce once the battle rounds start airing on TV, this could be an interesting season.

Chavon Rodgers on The Voice

Chavon Rodgers is part of Team Ariana on The Voice.

Chavon came out in Episode 2 and sang Olivia Rodrigo’s Drivers License. Both Ariana and John Legend turned for him, and he had to pick between the two.

However, he might have wanted Blake Shelton to turn for him. He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but he grew up in Ada, which is where Blake is from and he brought Blake a present on the show.

Without Blake as a choice, Chavon chose Ariana.

Kristin Chenoweth is Ariana’s battle advisor and from the sound of it, Rodgers will battle David Vogel in the first round. One of them will move on and the other will either go home, be saved, or be stolen by another team.

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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