Are Matt James and Rachael sending messages to each other via social media?

Matt James
Is Matt James sending signals to Rachael online? Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Matt James is currently watching his season of the show air on ABC on Monday nights.

He filmed the season this past fall, so he already knows how everything plays out.

And it appears that some people believe that Matt may have picked Rachael in the end.

Reality Steve has also reported that Matt picked Rachael in the end and that they are still together today.

However, they are supposedly not engaged.

Now, they could be sending each other signals on social media as they can’t talk to one another on social media or in public.

Matt James and Rachael could be sending each other secret messages

@bachelornation.scoop shared photos of Matt and Rachael that they had respectively shared on social media.

While Matt was skateboarding, Rachael was hanging out outside with a green smoothie.

But there was one major connection between them – they were wearing identical shoes.

rachael and Matt
Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Rachael and Matt have not commented on the photos, but they could be sending each other secret messages by wearing identical shoes.

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss both wore Yankee hats on social media before their engagement was announced on The Bachelor.

Rachael was recently caught in scandalous photos

These photos were posted before it was revealed that Rachael had attended an inappropriate and unacceptable event. This weekend, Rachael was caught in photos from 2018 at a plantation-themed party, where she smiled and posed for photos.

Her cousin spoke out about the situation, revealing that it wasn’t a good look for her. She also revealed that Rachael was not racist, but that it was hard to explain why she was at a plantation-themed party.

Matt James has not made any comments about these photos. This isn’t the first time that Rachael’s name has been brought up in connection with racism.

In mid-January, Rachael’s mother spoke out against racist claims, as sources close to Bachelor star claimed that she wasn’t into dating African American men. That wouldn’t make sense as she went on The Bachelor with Matt James, who is clearly the first person of color to be the lead on The Bachelor.

Matt has also avoided any questions about Rachael’s previous racist accusations. If Rachael is indeed the final woman, she would not have been at the Women Tell All special, so Chris Harrison wouldn’t have been able to ask her those tough questions.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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