Anna Duggar and her family have the Christmas spirit

Anna Duggar in a 19 Kids and Counting contessional.
Anna Duggar is in the Christmas spirit. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar and her family are getting in the Christmas spirit early.

She recently shared photos of her children all posing and dressing up in clothes she found at a high-end children’s resale event which included festive attire.

The Duggar tree is up

On Instagram this weekend, Anna Duggar showed off her children getting into the Christmas spirit. The whole family was present, even Josh Duggar who typically stays out of the photos his wife puts on social media.

In two separate posts, Anna showed off her decorated home and a timelapse video of her husband helping their children with the tree. The Duggars then posed in front of their tree with the kids looking adorable.

Not only is the tree up, but they also decorated the whole house. From the fireplace with garland to the words above the piano, it is clear that Anna and her kids are excited about the upcoming holiday season.

Because of how religious the family is, it isn’t shocking that they have decided to go all out to celebrate Christmas. This year has been tough for a lot of people. Anna jumped on the bandwagon of putting up the decor before Thanksgiving, which is typically ridiculed by the majority.

This time, though, it seems as if doing things early is acceptable.


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What have the Duggars been up to?

For her part, Anna Duggar keeps fans updated on her family and what they are doing on social media. Since she and Josh are no longer a part of the show, Counting On fans have to check her out on Instagram or Facebook.

Her most recent adventure was attending the children’s resale events. It is a Duggar tradition and one that is always shared on social media. This year, Anna was there with Mackynzie (and maybe a few of the other kids, Michelle and her younger girls, and Abbie Grace Burnett.

It is an event where shoppers can buy used clothes for a fraction of what they would cost at retail. This is more practical for a large family, so the Duggars have been shopping there for years. Anna often shows off her purchases, and this time, she did it in a creative way.

Currently, Anna and her kids appear briefly on Counting On, but only when necessary. She does her best to share her life with followers and often shares pictures of her kids as they continue to grow.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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