Anna Duggar shares cute video of kids, Counting On fans think it’s ‘adorable’

Anna Duggar in a 19 Kids and Counting confessional.
Anna Duggar showed off her six children in an adorable video. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar shared an adorable video of her children, and Counting On fans are here for it.

The former reality star shared all six of her kids dressed up and then, to the tune of the music, the clothing would change. This was in conjunction with the resale event the Duggars promote every year.

What is Rhea Lana’s?

Rhea Lana’s is an upscale children’s consignment sale. It is a ritzier version of a resale shop full of children’s clothing.

Along with Anna Duggar, several of the other Duggar women shop their sales. Jessa Duggar has been known to grab several cute outfits there, and this year, Abbie Grace Burnett was also there.

In the past, Jill Duggar has been known to check things out, especially the shoes (for which she was dragged).

By shopping this sale, Anna is able to dress her children to the nines without breaking the bank. The video she shared featured all six of the kids and their outfits were coordinating. It was done to the tune of a Christmas song complete with Christmas jammies as one of the looks.

Counting On fans loved it. One commenter said, “This is so cute! Your kids are adorable!”

Another replied, “Oh my goodness ??? Can you say absolutely adorable!!”


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Anna and Josh Duggar’s kids are growing up

Mackynzie Duggar was the first Duggar grandchild born. Many viewers have watched the family since before Josh even courted Anna, and now, they have six children.

Things haven’t always been easy for the couple, but the most recent updates from the Duggars have been good ones. Anna continuously shares photos of the kids and how grown up they are getting.

In fact, at the end of this month, Maryella will celebrate her first birthday. That’s right, the baby of the family will officially turn a year old. There is not another baby on the way for Anna and Josh, yet, but they have not ruled out more children in the future.

The last season of Counting On featured more of Anna Duggar and the kids than previous seasons. This was filmed during last year’s holiday season, which included the Christmas play and the holiday get-togethers as well. She even mentioned how thankful she was to be included in the show.

For now, Duggar fans will have to settle on watching Josh and Anna’s kids grow up on social media because it doesn’t look like he will be returning to television any time soon.

Counting On is currently on hiatus at TLC.

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