Angela Deem blasts Michael Ilesanmi for celebrating Fourth of July on her visa: ‘Go home liar’

angela deem Instagram Reel september 2023
Angela is speaking out after discovering that Michael enjoyed Fourth of July on “her” visa. Pic credit: @deemangela/Instagram

Angela Deem is unhappy that her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, is living it up in the USA.

The controversial 90 Day Fiance star took aim at her estranged husband this weekend after seemingly seeing videos of him living his best life on Independence Day.

Michael shared some video footage of himself and his soccer team having a blast on the Fourth of July, enjoying food and fireworks with his newfound friends.

But once Angela caught wind of Michael partying it up, she felt inclined to call him out.

The TLC star recorded a TikTok from what appeared to be an airport, casually asking her followers a question.

“Hi, queens and kings, I just wanna ask a question,” the 57-year-old meemaw began. “How can a Nigerian — and a bunch of ‘em — celebrate my country’s July Fourth on my visa?”

Angela Deem tells Michael Ilesanmi to ‘go home’

In the caption of her video, Angela threw some major shade at Michael and his friends, writing, “f**kthebulls**t #!!NOMORES SMMERSGOHOMELIARS.”



♬ original sound – Angela Deem

In the comments section, Angela took aim at Michael once again, this time writing “#HOMESECURITYUSA.”

This isn’t the first time Angela has tried to garner the federal government’s attention regarding Michael.

After she was convinced that Michael was involved in some shady business and possibly scamming her, Angela took to Instagram to call Homeland Security after she uploaded “proof” of such.

Michael has denied any such allegations, essentially telling his critics they need to put up or shut up.

While Michael has been uploading photos and videos of himself enjoying life in America, Angela has been parading around with some men other than Michael in recent weeks.

On Instagram, Angela has been filming herself with an unidentified younger man, whom she recently called her “bodyguard.”

She also uploaded a TikTok on Friday, including the unidentified younger man sitting beside her at the airport.

In another video, she cozied up to a different young man while mouthing the lyrics to the song You Look Like You Love Me by Ella Langley and Riley Green, thanking him for brunch in the caption.

While Angela galavants around the country without Michael, he seems unbothered by the drama and their reported split.

Michael seems to be living his best life apart from Angela

Once Michael arrived in the U.S., it didn’t take long before he and Angela went their separate ways.

Michael reportedly went missing from Angela’s Hazlehurst, Georgia, home in February 2024 and is allegedly living in Texas and was also spotted in Indiana.

Most recently, Michael was spotted shopping at a Kroger in Alvin, Texas, and stopped for a photo with an employee last month, lending credence to the rumors that the Lone Star State is his new home.

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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2 days ago

Angela is A Sugar Mama. She so worried about Michael and what he’s doing because she can’t control that but all while with “another Younger man”. Angela is starting to look desperate for anyone that will give her attention.. And paying them just to be around her is pathetic. She is doing waaay to much! She’s annoying and can’t go a day without trying to be negative towards him which is sickening. I mean those 6 grandkids aren’t keeping her busy enough !! How does she eat, sleep and breathe what is Michael doing today..evvverrrryday. what life does she have if all she does is concern herself with Michael and his whereabouts. Angela needs to find a hobby and redirect her energy. Let it go. She’s too old, it wasn’t a good look anyways. She needs am older guy with a beard who doesn’t mind being told what to do or she needs a support animal

2 days ago

You’re the IDIOT that brought him over, so you have to deal with it now. You shouldn’t have been so stupid. He was using you the whole time.

Judy B
Judy B
2 hours ago

She brought this all on herself! Those young men she’s with are gigolos. Why else would they be with that old bag? Do something with that awful hair, and those god awful wrinkles!