Andy Cohen likely finished with CNN when it comes to New Years Eve hosting gig

Andy Cohen on CNN New Year's Eve countdown
Andy Cohen on CNN New Year’s Eve countdown. Pic credit: CNN

Andy Cohen said he had a little too much to drink on New Year’s Eve.

He was co-hosting the CNN New Year’s Eve countdown with Anderson Cooper and he went on some long rants, where he was insulting lots of people.

Andy went on his SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live show on Monday and said he didn’t regret anything he said outside of insulting Ryan Seacrest.

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However, while he doesn’t personally regret any of his comments, CNN was reportedly embarrassed and it might mark the end of him ever hosting the show again.

Andy Cohen won’t be back for CNN New Year’s Eve countdown

In one of Andy Cohen’s rants on New Year’s Eve, Andy went after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. In the rant, he said next year, Bill won’t be there but Andy still will be.

That isn’t true, or at least, it won’t be true on CNN.

Radar reported that CNN staffers told them they are embarrassed at the Andy Cohen hosting performance and he will not be back next year to host the countdown.

“We claim to be the most trusted network in news and yet CNN hires Andy Cohen to make a fool out of all of us with his New Year’s performance?” a top insider told Radar.

“Andy doesn’t even work for CNN and yet he has been the face of our network for the past 48 hours. It is embarrassing and real CNN staffers are very angry.”

It looks like Andy’s comments about Ryan Seacrest, Journey, and Bill de Blasio have really soured CNN top staffers. It also seems like his overdrinking might have done him in.

While Andy has joked about the incident, CNN isn’t laughing.

“Andy went too far. I think we can agree that it is CNN who look like losers,” another top CNN source said. “Nothing has been made official yet, but internally we have been told that Andy will not be invited back next year.

“Embarrassing himself is one thing, but embarrassing Anderson Cooper is another. It was already known that Anderson doesn’t want to host next year’s special, he would rather ring the new year in with his son. And without Anderson, thankfully there will be no Andy Cohen.”

What did CNN expect from Andy Cohen?

Radar also spoke to people with NBC, who seemed to be laughing both with Andy and at CNN.

“What did CNN expect. This is the guy that created The Real Housewives. He interviews reality trainwrecks, not world leaders and real newsmakers,” an NBC source said.

Andy works for Bravo’s parent company NBC. However, for their countdown, they chose to go with singer Miley Cyrus and comedian Pete Davidson.

“If Andy wants to make a fool of himself on December 31st better he do it on CNN rather than NBC,” the NBC staffer explained.

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1 year ago

b.j.king@hotmail .com – anderson cooper makes over $0 million per year and andy cohen also does well in the $ area.meanwhile millions of us are trying to make ends meet and the GOP and Dems go on fighting and north Americia has gone down the tubes. Happy Newyear