Andy Cohen is the biggest instigator for asking if Mary Cosby or Jen Shah smells better

Andy Cohen stirred the pot between Jen Shah and Mary Cosby on WWHL
Andy Cohen added fuel to the feud between Jen Shah and Mary Cosby by asking Meredith Marks which one of them smelled better. Pic credit: Bravo

Andy Cohen welcomed The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City stars Lisa Barlow and Meredith Marks to his most recent episode of Watch What Happens Live.

During the episode, he asked the ladies several questions about their castmates. When it came time to talk about the drama between Jen Shah and Mary Cosby, Andy stirred the pot quite a bit.

Andy asked Meredith to answer questions about Jen and Mary. His questions included who had the best style, who talked the most crap about the other women, and who was the most dramatic.

Knowing that Jen and Mary have fought during every episode since Mary told Jen she smelled like a hospital, Andy decided to be a major instigator. He asked Meredith which one of the women smelled better.

Meredith expertly avoided choosing sides and said she couldn’t speak on that.

Hospital smell backstory

Since the first episode of the season, Jen and Mary have been at each other’s throats. It all started when Mary told Jen she smelled like a hospital.

Jen hasn’t been able to let the comment go and she made that clear at Whitney Rose’s ’20s themed party. During the party, Jen flipped out when she realized Meredith had befriended Mary.

Not only did Jen fight with Meredith but she yelled loudly that Mary “f**ked her grandfather” so that everyone could hear.

Mary calls Jen “ghetto”

Despite the way Jen treated her, Mary invited her to a high-class gala themed party. During the party, Mary pushed the women to open up.

Jen took the opportunity to apologize to Meredith for how she treated her at Whitney’s party and told a story about her family and upbringing. Jen explained how her background impacts the way she reacts to certain situations.

Mary did not take kindly to the fact that Jen didn’t apologize to her after she apologized to Meredith. She dismissed Jen’s story and rolled her eyes at her.

After seeing the eye roll, Jen started arguing with Mary, and Mary told her not to get “ghetto.” Jen got upset that Mary would make a comment like that and called her out for being black but also saying she would leave a 7-Eleven if she saw a black person outside.

The other women attempted to calm both of them down and get them to see eye to eye. Despite their efforts, it appeared Jen and Mary just couldn’t get on the same page.

It looks like Jen and Mary have a long way to go before their issues will be resolved.

Fans appear entertained by the drama, which may explain why Andy continues to fuel the feud.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on MTV.

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