The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City recap: Roaring Emotions

Jen loses her temper on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.
Jen confronts Meredith on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Pic credit: Bravo.

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City have had an explosive season so far, and the most recent episode was no exception.

RHOSLC viewers were treated to a 1920s party, a fancy luncheon, revelations, a white lie, and plenty of cursing for the women of Salt Lake City.

The Great Gatsby 

The fourth episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City began with the ladies attending Whitney Rose’s 1920s-themed party.  

Jen Shah arrived and asked to speak with Meredith Marks privately. Jen confronted Meredith about canceling their sleepover.  

Meredith canceled the sleepover after her 21-year-old son, Brooks showed concern over Jen’s raunchy behavior at Meredith’s house.  

“Her vagina is in my face,” said Brooks.  

Meredith canceled the party and told Jen that her daughter wanted to spend time alone with her before returning to school.  

“Maybe I’m feeling a little bit insecure,” said Jen. “But we had a sleepover planned and then my feelings were hurt when you sent me the text, and you were like, ‘Chloe’s leaving tomorrow.’” 

“Well, it’s true,” Meredith interrupted.   

Meredith told Jen that she wanted to enjoy the evening and would get into more detail about the cancellation later. 

In her confessional, Meredith said that she was trying to spare Jen’s feelings.  

Jen immediately brought up Meredith going to Mary Cosby’s church with Whitney Rose. Jen said that she thought Meredith didn’t want to spend time with her because she was friends with Mary, and she may get upset.  

Meredith said that she didn’t engage in other people’s conflicts unless she felt that she could help resolve it, adding that she didn’t think that she could help squash Mary and Jen’s beef. 

Jen overreacted and picked a nasty fight with Meredith. “If you wanna be Mary’s whatever, that’s fine. But I just wanna know. I don’t care. I’m not asking you to take sides,” Jen said.  

“I don’t take sides,” interjected Meredith.  

Jen lost her temper and asked Meredith if she had an opinion about what was right and wrong. Meredith said that what Jen said and what Mary said are two different things, adding that Mary had nothing to do with her canceling the slumber party.  

The show flashed to Meredith in her confessional where she questioned Jen’s unprovoked anger. “What is Jen even talking about? The woman is unhinged,” Meredith said.  

After Jen became irate about Meredith’s friendship with Mary, Meredith said that she was disengaging from the conversation and began to leave the table just as Lisa Barlow came over to mediate.  

Jen then screamed, “You’re gonna go with Mary, who f***s her grandfather? 

Upon getting an appalled look from Lisa and several partygoers, Jen doubled down on her comment as she screamed and cried, “That’s the truth! Oh, am I lying?” 

In her confessional, Heather Gay said, “I f***ed a grandpa. Big deal.” 

Jen continued to rant about Mary being married to her step-grandfather and eventually ran out of the party cursing and screaming before being put in a car by Heather.  


Lisa and Meredith met at an art gallery to shop for her new home. A teary-eyed Meredith comes clean about her separation from Seth. Jen went to Heather’s house and continued ranting about Mary and Meredith. She also told Heather about Meredith’s separation.  

Lisa also visited Mary at her house and the two discussed Mary’s upcoming luncheon.  

The women also talked about Jen’s deplorable behavior at Whitney’s party and pondered why Jen had such a problem with Mary.  

Mary was still upset about being called a “grandpa f***er” by Jen and wondered if she should even invite her to the luncheon. Mary ultimately decided to extend the invite to Jen in the spirit of forgiveness.  

Mary’s Met Gala luncheon 

The ladies met for Mary’s luncheon and Whitney marveled at Mary’s generosity by inviting Jen after she was so rude to Mary.  

“I’m really surprised that Mary invited Jen. If someone called me a grandpa f***er, I definitely would not invite them to my Met-Gala-cocktail-attire-luncheon.” 

Mary placed a notebook in front of each lady for the women to write something down that they wanted the others to know about themselves. Mary prayed before the meal as Jen gave her shady looks. She also mocked Mary in her confessional.  

The women took turns telling the other ladies something about themselves. Mary said that she had trust issues and wanted to improve.

Whitney said that she was not a swinger. Lisa admitted to having extremely high goals for herself (the show flashed to Whitney in her confessional saying that Lisa was arrogant).  

Jen told the ladies that it was hard growing up being Tongan in Utah because everyone thought that she was Black.

She added that because she had to fight for everything, she is passionate about her friendships and felt that her friends aren’t always as loyal in return.  

Mary told Jen that she understood her being passionate but advised her that sometimes her words could cut just as much as a weapon.

Jen apologized to Meredith, but not to Mary. 

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo 


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