Andy Cohen comments on leaked audio of RHOSLC star Jen Shah berating her employees

Jen Shah films the RHOSLC reunion
Andy Cohen weighs in on the leaked audio of Jen Shah. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah is under fire after audio of her berating one of her employees was leaked, and Bravo head Andy Cohen has broken his silence on the matter.

During Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, a fan asked Andy if he had heard the leaked recording that has been circulating across the Internet.

“I heard it, unfortauntely,” Andy responded.

The fan then asked what Andy’s thoughts on the recording are. Andy kept his answer brief and diplomatic.

“Well for anyone who thought she was putting it on for the cameras, I guess you have your answer,” Andy stated.

Andy then immediately moved onto a different fan question.

Jen berates an employ in explosive audio recording

Jen has been known to spiral into fits of anger during her short time on RHOSLC, and it appears she behaves the same way off-camera.

Leaked audio footage reveals Jen yelling expletives at her designer about some mishap that occurred with one of his designs.

The issue seemed minor but Jen’s reaction was anything but that.

During the recording, she verbally assaulted her designer with a slew of insults.

The audio recording is clearly of Jen as she refers to herself as Jen and mentions her husband, Sharrieff.

Jen’s designer speaks out

Jen’s designer, Koa Johnson, spoke out about the issue to Page Six after the audio was leaked. He called the time he worked with Jen “the most traumatizing months” of his life.

He also explained why Jen was angry at him in the recording.

Koa explained that he was left with 17-20 hours to design the two-piece suit that she wore during the premiere.

It was a very, very stressful time,” noted Koa. “I wasn’t sleeping. I was not taking care of myself physically and mentally, but I was still operating on adrenaline.”

He explained, “There was a delay on the fabric, which was on her part…I was waiting for her to get all the money transferred over to the credit card for it to be purchased. That process even delayed it more.”

Even though Koa implied the delay was on Jen, he still received the brunt of her frustration at how the design was coming along.

He explained that he put up with the abuse and toxic work environment out of his love for her.

He ultimately quit when Jen didn’t credit him for designing her reunion look. There was also reportedly drama surrounding this dress and Jen almost didn’t have it in time for the reunion.

Jen is understandably not happy about the leaked audio. She has not spoken out publicly but plans on taking legal action.

Until then, Jen’s future on RHOSLC may be in jeopardy.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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