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America’s Got Talent: Here are all the words to the cheesy Parmesan song by Ben Lapidus

Ben Lapidus on America's Got Talent
Ben Lapidus on America’s Got Talent. Pic credit: NBC

America’s Got Talent’s season premiere saw a lot of great talents.

There was a British singer who made the trip to America for this opportunity. There was a saxophone player who picked up the instrument to survive bullying.

There was a pre-teen dance troupe created by JoJo Siwa, and there was a magician who did card tricks while rapping.

They were all impressive, and the judges loved them.

Then, there was singer Ben Lapidus.

Who is Ben Lapidus on America’s Got Talent?

Ben Lapidus came out and introduced himself to the judges as a singer-songwriter. He also said that he didn’t make a living singing and writing songs. Instead, he was a sound engineer.

He then said he was going to sing an original song. The judges told him to perform and waited to see how good he was.

Ben then began to sing a cheesy song about parmesan. His entire song was about how waiters at restaurants never give you enough parmesan on your food. There were plenty of puns and one-liners, and one by one, the judges hit the X to let Ben know they didn’t like what they were hearing.

However, the fans loved it and started cheering loudly and chanting “parmesan.”

Simon Cowell gave him a chance to sing it again, and he admitted that the chorus was stuck in his brain, and he changed his vote to yes.

Heidi Klum loved the song the first time he sang it, but she voted no as the final one since the other three had already rejected it. She quickly changed her vote to a yes, following Simon.

Howie Mandel kept his vote at a no, standing firm despite the fans continuing to chant “parmesan.”

That left it up to Sofia Vergara, who let the audience influence her into saying yes. With a 3-1 vote, Ben moved on to the next round, and Sofia lamented that this meant they had to hear him sing again, calling the parmesan song awful.

What are the lyrics to the Parmesan song on America’s Got Talent?

If you want to hear the Parmasen song again, here is its video. Also, if you want to sing along, we have the lyrics too.

When I get pasta at a restaurant and the waiter comes around
with the parmesan cheese and he says ‘parmesan?’ and I say please.

He gives me a spoonful and says would you like more and I say ‘sure’ as if it’s no big deal as if it’s not my reason for choosing an Italian restaurant in the the first place he looks at me and says ‘is that good? ‘yeah that’s good thanks.’

I always want more parmesan but I’m embarrassed. I always want more parmesan but I’m embarrassed that’s me.

Why are they so stingy? Is there a shortage of parmesan? Is it really that expensive? I just want more cheese, is that so wrong? just leave it on the table for god’s sake, I’m a grown-up. I have rights and I will not be shamed for my cheese intake.

I will not remain silent. I will not give in. I will die. I always want more parmesan

WIll Ben Lapidus make the judges regret moving him on, or will he come up with another song that will actually win them over to his side?

America’s Got Talent airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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